Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)



I’ve been wondering why my hifi sounds broken (fairly sure it’s not just because it’s actually broken), and my feet smell like cauliflower cheese, and my nob’s a bit noodly these days, and when I wee it stings and my hair’s greasy and my cakes don’t rise…

Seems there’s an answer…

This motherfucker is gonna ORGONIZE your so-called life fellow phlegm-gargling knickersniffers!

Orgonite utilizes Scalar Wave technology to harmonize the Zero Point Energy field which is all pervasive in the environment to bring peace and tranquility.

You better fucking believe it does! Chemtrails-B-gone!

NB: you are not actually getting the thing in the picture, just its base… You’ll still need to fuck-around buying shit at B&Q and jamming it all together . . . . . :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: To a hifi dealer, this is like a religious experience - these motherfuckers are stone cold gods!



I bet Clap has a few :thinking:


Transferable technology has brought us the internetz, mobile phones and a heap of other mind numb over the years. All that good shit pails into insignificance for the dealer scumbag when starring down the barrels of our new leader “thelivingstone83” His creations will save hifi
He has also been kind enough to build in a nice 1000% margin for the right thinking scumbag on his new TT and Equipment feet

Organite utilizes Scalar Wave technology to harmonize the Zero Point Energy field which is all pervasive in the environment to bring peace and tranquility.

• High Grade Resin

• Copper Iron Slag

• Black Iron Oxide

• Aluminum Shavings

• Fine Crushed Quartz

• Medium Crushed Rose Quartz

• Fine Crushed Selenite

• Whole Piece of Black Tourmaline (I don’t skimp😉)

• and Imported Russian Shungite



… I … I … I wasn’t even ALIVE until I started to use Scalar Wave technology to harmonize my Zero Point Energy field…

Seriously this is so profit… er… healing.



How many times do I have to tell you people ? Forget. Scalar. Waves.

You will reduce groups of teenagers on street corners to hysterical laughter if you confess that you are not yet bathing in a sea of vector waves. And anyone who’s expecting to be taken at all seriously had better have got to grips with the full tensor experience.

If you absolutely can’t let go of your infantile scalar comfort blanket then there’s always the option of coupling it to the tensor field. If anyone argues then just refer them to the dazzling work of Gong, Papantonopoulos and Yi who only last November narrowed the value of M down to a range of less than 50 orders of magnitude https://arxiv.org/abs/1711.04102 !!

People will sometimes try and tell you that advanced quantum cosmology has no useful spin-offs for the rest of us. How wrong they are.

As an aside, if people would be interested then I could invite Yi to present the latest developments in their work at Lopwell. I would have thought that provided everyone pays attention a long weekend would be enough to get at least a flavour of it. Unfortunately he speaks barely a word of English and his blackboard handwriting is, to say the least, spidery. But I’m sure the gist will come across. Or we could ask Stronzetto to translate.



Them fusez are crap, I mean, they’re not even directional. How the fuck would you know which way around to install them? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bloody hell Jim, call yourself an audiofool? All you have to do is install them, it will be obvious if they are the right way or need changing round. Jeez…


Right way round = veils lifted




mere trinkets will just reflect the waves and focus them on the third eye.

What you need is to block them completely


Clearly someone needs to learn about Faraday cages.


Stronzetto will be too busy plying him with absinthe while deploying crude seduction techniques to waste any time on translation efforts. Under the influence of a maelstrom of Schumann waves your Mr Yi will stand no chance.


This man could not get any more Shanti - Look into his eyes - Feel those abundant vibes.

Pyramid - ✓
Valve Schumann - ✓
Massive hit with womenfolk - ✓
Newspaper covering immutable erection -✓
Probably naps the shit out of afternoons ✓
Happy as fuck ✓




Shanti (Sanskrit: शान्तिः, śāntiḥ, Sanskrit pronunciation: [ʃaːnt̪iɧ]; √ शम śam: ‘be calm’) means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss.


Shakti means private island in the Bahamas.



It sometimes pays to buy second hand, the mark up on innovation can be steep - I think I can let this go at a fair price. If it doesn’t sell it can go back into the sanctum - The money will not change my life but the QiFi could really change yours.


All the testimonials are from people with women’s names.

Except for someone called Guy. And someone called Jim.



Just so. Right thinking men recognize the benefits.