Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


I had to double take on that :unamused:. I brained mountainbike the first time :exploding_head:. New feckin’ meds are going to be interesting :crazy_face:


Doesn’t even make that much less sense than my drivel to be fair…


Nicked from pfm.



I NEED this in my life!


A butt plug with a hook on the end. Very Dada !



Gonna need some serious cable lifters. :heart_eyes:


Our new model is reaching its final prototype stage:

Sooooo aroused right now - and so sore (I’m pretty much flayed to the adipose layer between navel and knees) that I’m having to jam sharpened electrodes up my arse and directly into my prostate in order to cum a few agonised drops of blood and mucus…

Totally worth it :ok_hand:


Yes. One end hooked round your farmer Giles and the other end trailing on the carpet will ensure you don’t add static to your vinyl as you shuffle around in your mono slipper.


Superb, you’ll be able to use at least twelve levels of Mana Acoustics platforms under your speakers too.


Indeed, but who is going to help you to lift the cables to such a height?



A year or three back we watched as expensive contactors dug the roads up here and dropped some bits of wire into the trenches to connect the power station to the soon-to-be-electrified (ha ha) Great Western Railway. I think they used those.



I’ll have to borrow one of these babies from work.


"The Emperor MKII’ - (The clue is in the name.) Besides it looks a little prim, the equivalent to a high maintenance girlfriend IMHO.

…Now the Thor SE ground cable promises something altogether more forbidden




Magnificent ! I have just ordered their ‘black sticks’


or, what about muffins :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



They sell Whittaker’s chocolate. They can do no wrong in my book.



They should stick to chocolate. On the basis that they did this

I wouldn’t touch anything electrical that they’d done with a ten foot pole.



LOL no! :joy::rofl:

It has the Earth connected, silly!



Ooooh, that’s rude - that big-ol’ ferrite is going to make your eyes water going-in :heart_eyes:

On the downside - this is boiling my piss:

It does not suffer the problems that silver-based products do, namely oxidation

no No NO fucking NOOOOOOOO!!!

Nearly had me until that slip-up…