Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


we have them on the corners of the cat toilet. Have you ever seen sparkly cuboid cat turds


Yes,twice on the monsters of prog tour in 89


They were ok. Strayan Scrotum were rubbish as a headline act though. All cape and no substance…


I couldn’t agree more. Total bollocks :smirk:


I quite liked the cat turd mosh pit, aka the litter tray


Who was playing the safety bbq?


he has had one sale on Hifi-forsale


Cat litter boxes not selling as well these days.




Have you really got nothing better to do…


:thinking: Nope, not really.


That is Ok then. How’s the new Allnic phono stage? Got a new TT yet or still window shopping. :relaxed:


He’s thinking about buying a window - looking into it anyway :smile:


Phono stage is great. That, and the Io have been great so far. I’ll probably get a new TT at some stage, but there is no hurry as I really like the Clearaudio.

Have spent most of the day by the pool. Am now rather more red than yellow. No sign of any builders or plumbers here, thank feck. I think my contractors in Liverpool must be trained by Mossad as they are impossible to trace and only turn up when a debt is due.



Good to hear that you’ve discovered Gold :heart_eyes:


Stop buying R2R shite and buy some decent cabling with large heavy boxes attached. :wink:


The vendor appears to have dropped a laughable number of zeros on the wrong side of the decimal point there Bob. £5K :exploding_head:


The seller is a git, nice speaker cables, but worth half what he wants. I have the same series interconnect, which works wonders with some amps.




How is your 40p a metre twisted pair doing?