Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


That’s probably the true cost per metre of that MIT cable - priced like perfume to bait the foo fantasist.


You forgot the 30p worth of passive components and the plastic box.



Looks like good prices.


Cables in 2018.


Terminator :smile:


Those are cheap.



Who buys this shite




You are derranged. :flushed:


Hmmm I thought I have seen it before

In fact I own the Audio Technica version.


"The ST-50 Stylus cleaner is equipped with a micro-dust cleaning gel specially designed for laboratory clean- room applications. The ST-50’ s cleaning gel is made of a urethane resin developed
specially for the purpose of atmospheric micro-dust control"

So I bought one, yes it’s rather like an Onzow and other gel type iterations, but it may help to clean my fantasy laboratory. It comes in a metal box with a leather base and was reassuringly priced.



Worth it?

Wrong question on the foo thread?


For £75 I would expect Mariyln Monroe to scrape her moist labia across the diamond, on command. Subsequent lubricants would be subject to private negotiation. :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I fear you have given this too much consideration


Hmm, maybe.

I can still dream




Just play them with a DL103

It’ll have the same effect.


Love him! He’s doing what every shady dealer has been doing with a few fishing weights for decades and writes PATENTED in his listing - the £149 price tag is a wonderful touch too - Beyond the valley of the cunt.


Bet you’ve seen all those Russ Meyer movies :wink: