Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Everything needs a flight case

“This is not an ordinary distribution bar. It is an “instrument” to rectify the electrical phasing of each individual component connected to it. It is almost impossible to have a complete chain of electronics operating with the right electrical phase.” "


does it come in purple?


Silver wire wound pickups.


Oh dear, Neutrik…image


It will sell by the boat load.


There’s a graph, too



“Sometimes I can get into listening, other times I’m just not able to get in to it”… How many times have you felt like this? Set and setting was the mantra of LSD mindmonaughts and in many ways this applies to serious listing too. It seems you get out what you put in. In short if you bring a shit state of mind to the listening party, if you are not present in the moment, your experience will be dulled - Regardless of your system!
Audio Lab-Yah! has the answer - The final frontier in audio - an amplifier of the soul!


Shamanic Journeying



The best kind of journeying. Got a railcard for it somewhere, I think


An everyday occurrence in Funzie I concede


Ah, the annual exchange visit with Limpopo


It did prompt me to look up the one he’d aspire to own.


The ‘clinic’ at Funzie is all about Hypnagogia

hypnagogia: the magical space between wakefulness and sleep; powerful for deep relaxation, cosmic journeying, lucid dreaming, creative visioning and more


Post spoiled by inclusion of a definition. 3/10 Must try harder.


It’s the ‘and more’ that interests me.


as opposed to Hypnogagia which is a trance like state entered into after faffing with a certain brand of coffee machine


Sold by Jonny Coco? Hmm, something somebody here not telling us?


Each journey with the Lucia N°03 is an inward spiral, a cosmic reflection of the unique presence of the light traveler through the fractal perspective of light and time.

Ohh, the poetry!..This epileptics dream also comes in a flight case

Advanced user warning - Beware the orgasm cycle it can take 9 firemen and a cattle prod to snap out of it.


Lucia bake off


I am so sold

Fuck these jealous types