Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


I’ll not deny that I’ve enjoyed the benefit of a bit of foo from time to time whether integrated into the system or just passing through, but this?

Only £4k


Following on from the Furutech posting above, one of the recommended gifts was some IEMs

So I bought some - £11.20 a set. And he’s right - they are very good. Better than the usual cheap crap sold everywhere.


Got one for my partner last year,came free with a sewing machine


LOL. Pretending to solve problems that don’t exist. This company is some kind of spin-off from Vertex AQ, so perhaps no surprise.


Whatever its merits or otherwise, that casework is expensive to do, even in thermoplastic, which I’m guessing it isn’t.

Anyway, I now want this. Don’t care what it does. I need it.


Aren’t Trilogy also in there?


Wow! Stealth foo


It breaks down acoustic energy. Duh.


So… Now there’s this to run-in your famously hard-to-run-in phonostages:


Described as an “RIAA filter”, I can’t see why you would need an actual RIAA filter since CD is more bandwidth limited than vinyl, plus given its small size, assume it’s actually just a voltage-dropper, which is sensible!.

Thing is, most phonostages are stereo, but you only get one of these… As it’s £89 without the magic CD, it looks like run-in might be a tediously slow process



Pretty sure it’s an inverse RIAA based on the description.


y tho


I have no use for it, as I rarely buy new phono stages, but I will keep these in the memory bank in case I see a pair in 20 years time.


So you can play your CD player through it. Did u actually read the description, lol.

Useful for testing FR of phono stages.


provided that the inverse riaa is as accurate as one would wish for test equipment


OK, I am confuz and almost certainly missing something - as per normal - but testing aside (which they don’t mention), why bother with inverse RIAA - surely the point is to poke some signal thru the PS at a voltage that won’t fry anything?


It’s gold, so it must be good :+1:


@murrayjohnson mentioned that there is s version of the Vida with an inverse RIAA. When he enquired as to why, the answer was that the Japanese like to play they CD players through such an arrangement because they like the effect.

Now I think it’s insane, but audiophools will be audiophools. Especially Japanese audiophools…

That said, this seems to be specifically about burning in phono stages. So basically audiophool bullshit. :sob:


Quite. Being as you can knock up a pretty accurate DIY one due about a fiver…


I was going to make a joke about that, but it turns out that once again, the world outdoes satire.


That’s mad.

I like it :ok_hand:

Now I think I need it.