Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)

Clockboi afflicted design.

It’s not like it’s even interestingly outré enough to satisfy a Steampunk aesthetic :crazy_face:

No one thinks that do they? Really?

A smiling face looking back at you isn’t a bad thing! :smiley::joy:

You know when you want it just a bit louder … no, no, that’s too much … no, now you’ve put it back where it was … I just wanted it turned up A BIT !


My heart, it goes pitter patter


Ok to tease my potential story tellers of miracles, i will describe another one : Buy a Schuman Generator and put under it a tile of shungite…You will hear miracles from your speakers…Even from your headphones…

(but scrap the chinese power supply because it is a bad one and replace it with a 20 bucks power supply)

:crazy_face: :rofl: :joy:

Total cost for a miracle 60 bucks

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  • Are you a total saddo?
  • Do you hate other people?
  • Would you like a shit brown immersive listening booth for one person in the middle of your living room?

Great news. Now you can have one courtesy of the TigerFox Immerse 360.

Found on pfm


I’d like that for work!

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$500 for a windbreaker

Can definitely be done cheaper…


be awesome with 5 way horns and a pair of subs… if you’re extremely small… Hobbit sized?

Whip round for Lopwell? This thing needs buying.

@Jim can buy it, he would sit in it all weekend anyway :grinning:

But would it fit in his garage?

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The Gentleman’s Dutch Oven.


I’m assuming “sit” was a typo. h

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Not at all, There is only one sweet spot :grinning:

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The sheet spot.

Is it a tiger, or a fox?

Neither. It’s a TigerFox.