Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)

Does whatever a TigerFox does.

Needs an energized pyramid roof, serving hatch and optional flotation tank

Bass ports firing away from the bastard. Needs to be x10 times bigger, taller with a roof.
Like a room maybe?

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Can’t see a room catching on in the audiophile world

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Where will the crystals and Schumann resonator go, tho’?

Audiophile expert

Anagram of oral shag.

A reordering of the letters of his name also being the closest he’s likely to get to having one.

To be fair I haven’t watched his performance, but I imagine he’s being paid to give the product one.

This subtle little number popped up on my Insta;

A Shunyata Venom X apparently if you care.


Presumably an armoured cable direct from the power station?

Nice use of Neutrik sockets on that pre.

Want skewers my soul

Think I’d stick my 5 and a half grand on one of those self centering naks


Neat, what’s that going for, few hundred quid?

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Wow, if I feel the need I think it’s just move the record until the cart stops wobbling.

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