Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Given the relatively small parts cost it does seem odd that they didn’t make this a 2 channel item. But of course then they couldn’t sell 2 of them.


Why do you need 2? You can run it for 100hrs in one channel and then 100hrs in the next one. OK it takes twice as long, but costs half.


Nob San strikes again. Want.


Build one and take it to Lopwell

What could go wrong?


What is it Guy?


Fuck knows. Matt linked to it. It’s a “7.83Hz Pure Sine Theta Wave Schumann Resonance Low Frequency Pulse Generator

Mmmm Schumann resonance. Won’t that bring on chronic incontinence?

I’m out of my depth & relying on Graeme to advise here.


Seemingly on turbo troll in recent months, Ruprecht (The latest unsavory visitor to squat in the mind garden) is keen to make a short YouTube series Titled ‘Foo Busters’ to this end he currently sports a jaunty Berret and walrus type whiskers… all quite fetching really. If the Theta Nob is cheap enough it appears it could be his first victim

Ruprecht is common sense in reverse so the planned show will have no technical measurements or indeed ‘bust’ owt other than the physical item under investigation when he gets evangelically over excited screaming ‘out demons’


So basically you’re dreaming of Jamie Hyneman.


That is the ‘model’ Ruprecht is working towards when he’s not just being himself


It’s Gold Jim but not as we know it.


This thread - right - but about 10 posts back.

Your resemblance to a goldfish is perhaps more than skin-deep?



Opiates Paul :crazy_face:. Oxycontin and lots of it. :crazy_face: I am one with the goldfish (Cheshire version of a yellow fish obviously) :exploding_head: Fuck all chance of me remembering anything posted here last week, let alone last month.


Have Chelsea tried to sign him yet?


Be feckin’ great in the air, simply float over the markers to get to the high ball.


He looks like an angry otter







This bastard has a valve - Good right? I know so, just read the write up - Clear, concise and finger on the Pay Pal trigger nice, I’m gonna be riding those waves…


If you exceed 18 square meters, please increase the purchase quantity.

If that’s surface area a lot of the fuckers on here are going to need half a dozen*

Anyway, it surely can’t complete with the Nob?

*naturally I include myself in that


Well Olan, today has been a day of everything coming back to bite me, and in this case I definitely beat you at your own game… Today has been a clusterfuck of a day - if it can go wrong, it went; if it couldn’t go wrong, it did anyway. Amongst many, many acts of drive-by fuckwittery, when I went out to the car earlier, for the first time in a week, I found your speaker cables sat on the passenger seat - at some point I’ve been to the post office and somehow decided to post everyone else’s stuff, but yours… I literally have no idea how, but am starting to worry that Alderman Alzheimer may be twatting me with his ceremonial mace…

Tomorrow will be better…