Fabulous Foo (or ICHM's shopping list)


Now I want one.


Dealer response manual

chapter one, page 2, half way down the page

Message to Olan:

I truly hope you don’t have to suffer page 9



Is that “the dog was sick on my homework” ?



Lucky he didn’t trot out the old ‘The Alpacas ate your cables, but don’t worry, I’ll re-make them, entirely at my own expense’ gig. Wouldn’t be the first time


You have my speaker cables. :crazy_face:


I want a foo mains cable for my Remton phono.

It needs to be screened and pretty, even though it will be tucked away out of sight.

I feel I have crossed a threshold of stupidity.


Who knows any more. I’m starting to wonder if I’m about to wake from a coma or something…

If there’s one thing that justifies screened cables it’s anything to do with phono stages/SUTs etc.

Not all foo is expensive, either…





Cuddle up in the sweet spot.


Does it shield against Schumann waves? If so, I want no part of it.


Look, this woman is loving her blankey. Surely we all need to feel like this sometimes? Earthing rod sold separately.


Perhaps we can have Ritchie make us Y Shield capes for Lopwell?

I’m down there this morning mapping out a grid across the full surroundings of the Barn such that I can install a correctly spaced array of Schumann wave generators. This will bathe the barn in the unctious glow of syncopated Schumann goodness and should be beneficial to our general well being throughout the weekend. My only concern is that the effect will be so strong as to act as a magnet, drawing in Shamen from places like Totnes, Tintagel & Glastonbury. But as long as they bring cake, they could squat outside, chanting.


Marvelous! Might we all agree to only listen to Theta waves on the main system? I say this as anything other than pure Theta really fucks with my Kundalini, it pulses in a sort of sobbing state and I have to seriously get my cleansing on to restore harmony.


I am not at all sure where I might obtain some " silver-threat". Besides, I am very busy with my foo coffee. :roll_eyes:




Just go to a sari shop, they have gold thread woven in, extra foo.


Vibration sink?