Fantasy footy (update 23/4)

There’s a league, you know. Don’t be shy

Code to join js: zqdjo4

Already done after 10,000 drafts.

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It’s the Premier League Fantasy Football game.
Google it.

Joined. Top Cat.

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Thanks, now joined but looks like wont get any points this weekend as I only set the team up late yesterday when FOL 1 suggested it

Bugger, and sorry for not having posted the link on here earlier. Mea culpa

Nonetheless, if you’re any good you’ll have overtaken Chelsea Dave by September :smile:

I have studied long and hard on my selections this season so watch out! :nerd_face:

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My selection of Pukki paid off.:sunglasses:

Kin ell. Respect

Well I have worked out a few tricks from last season but I guarantee that I will loose my nerve and start wildly picking a guess. And end up lower than Simon by September.

Good start to the weekend, but I KNEW I should have put Vardy as Capt instead of Silva, damn !

I have gone from leader to mid table in my league. Need a lot of changes!

Landed up in 6th place. My usual position. AA did poorly. Next season will be different I promise.

I think the table is from Gameweek 35, it hasn’t updated recently and doesn’t include the last three round of games for the season

You are not saying that because you’re doing badly are you?

Final leagues. ‘T’wam, L’abattoir and friends.

Fantasy League’s live again for this year

Code’s zqdjo4

I have actually done a quick team. Run out of money lol.:+1: