Feckin' Weather

Steady rain for most of last night, I better check out the battery on the mower :roll_eyes:

We be due a downpour with a light show tomorrow between 19.00hrs and22.00hrs. Then again Monday, Tuesday And today have all had previous day warnings that came to zilch. Must be the brexit tax and paperwork on weather fronts causing the delay.

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That is East Anglia fucked

Bloody lefty snowflakes exaggerating again.

Impressively noisy and flashy storm, accompanied by some hail and heavy rain.

At last it’s pissing down. Thunder, lightning nudge in the ribs “ dogs want to go out “.

No, they just don’t like thunder. But off I go.

Now two wet collies in the bedroom and she’s snoring.



Just walked the dogs - dry here; the SW horizon is near-constant flashes, but so far away you can’t hear any of it; overhead there’s a thin haze of cloud with just the brightest stars visible. Queer old evening - suspect I’ll be mopping-up in the AM…

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Just looking at the radar, and at the time I was out with the dogs the weather front was just NE of Northampton - 50 miles away! :open_mouth:

Funny innit, don’t like it pissing down but thoroughly enjoy a piss up.

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Torrential rain and lightning at the mo, so much it has knocked out Sky on all channels (about 2 mins before the end of uni challenge :frowning: )

Looks like some fun stuff incoming as well

On BlitzortungLive it looks fairly full on

My extension gutters are inadequate size which I knew but didn’t realise quite by how much.
Every raincloud and all that …

My brother in law and his wife are due out of Portsmouth to Santander tonight. Last we heard, around 20:00, they were on the boat and had just bought their first beers. Fingers crossed it’ll have blown through before they set sail …

It’s blowing hard here, with rain and a lot of thunder.

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Should be an interesting night to take a walk around the deck!

Looks like she sailed a few minutes ahead of time (scheduled departure at 21:30) and is out in the Solent now.

Hope it’s not too rough for them - the dinners on the Galicia are very good.


Next 24-36 hours in NS - Hurricane Fiona:

Strong tropical storm force winds of 80 gusting to 120 km/h over exposed areas with surge of 1.0 to 1.3 m and waves from 7 to 10 m.
Total rainfall: 100 to 150 mm, local amounts possibly reaching 200 mm.
I’ll update if the power + internet stay on…


It made the weather reports here.
Potentially worst hurricane in Canada for 30 years

Yep - tail end of a hurricane (normally dwindling from Cat 4 to around Cat 2 by the time it reaches here), but this time combining with a hefty North Atlantic low, so the worst of the wind and rain will probably last up to 24 hours due to the increasing size of the storm

Still a bit windy but much better than last night! Our power went out at 11pm and we were woken at 3 by a large tree falling outside. It broke the outer pane of our bedroom window on the way down but didn’t seem to have done anu other obvious damage: