Feckin' Weather


We have had some real gusty stuff here in Freeland today - Both of our bins were blown over they were behind a hedge - Can’t ever remember that happening before.


It was so windy on my expedition to work it almost stopped me vaping. - Fuck you Ανεμοι


Have you managed to find a place for the huskies at the office?


that’s handy; my 1400 meeting has been cancelled by the organiser (not me), so I can sit at all day listening to the floorer banging around upstairs.


There is no safe haven, no refuge - the dog team are huddled in Wolf Von Langa’s cabinets - If only my Schumann resonators would get a wriggle on from China they could be at peace now!
Fuck you China.


No Heating in the workshop - Having to use blow fires - They bung me up - Fuck you ancient radiators.


You need to order 10,000 ‘Schumann for the Win’ T shirts from the chaps downstairs (all in XXXL)
That’ll get the place warmed up. Place the order online. You can always cancel later.


You should burn those to keep warm. (The cabinets, not the dogs, obvs)


Bit nippy here


I’ve kept them to swear at them daily - I’ve yet to make them blush. That is how cuntish these cabinets really are.


Don’t tell @Penance - he’ll be round to help you bung and blow :wink:


I have found BBC weather predictions to be sub par, compared to providers such as Dark Sky


Here, apparently, the military has been called-out to ferry essential workers (emergency services mainly) and get patients to urgent appointments, most shops and all of the schools are shut, many main roads are blocked, back-roads are unsalted ice-rinks thanks to some VERY ill-advised scraping of the somewhat grippy powdery snow off of the underlying polished ice, ditches are 3-deep in cars, and - most catastrophically of all - the chef’s not turned up at our local!!! No food!!!



I’ve heard the military have staged a coup in Lincolnshire. They’ll need shit loads 9f foo cables to wire up the great wall of Lincolnshire. They’ll be sequestrating all property for their own purposes. All previous occupiers will be forced to live with alpaca’s in the fields


Time to step into the breach methinks. How hard can chefing be anyway ? You did say over in the Today I Have Mainly Been thread that you’ve seen life-forms (=dinner) out and about.



:roll_eyes: ffs


Are you on something?


How bad can those recruiting meetings be? Keep it together man!


cat litter