Feckin' Weather


It’s fucked in Lincs.

In Boston itself, the roads are fine and we were doing our normal weekly shopping in Aldi, but the A52 and other roads relevant to getting in and out are pretty poor.

One of my colleagues was trying to walk her dog at 6am this morning, snow was thigh deep and her dog had to give up trying to get onto the field where he normally plays. Bad wind all day, hoping for another day off work tomorrow.



We are up to 4 …inches so far …


Gawd, it’s freezing and the fecker has to talk about his sex life. :grin:


Impressive :+1:


Fuck you too!



Which in this weather, …keeping warm is all


Shower outlet is frozen, somehow, despite being ankle deep in water, Ellie didn’t notice until it until it started to overflow…:rage:


We’ve had an inch or two here. It’s stayed well below freezing though. We’re driving up to Stockport tomorrow for a belated Xmas visit to Mrs VB’s brother. We couldn’t go at Xmas because I had the snots.



Just spoke to younger sister in Dublin. They have about a foot of snow currently and are hoping not to get the additional 2-3 foot that is forecast for tonight.


Digging an Auditard out. We just stood and laughed.

Driving was fine TBH, problem was all the useless cunts crawling along at 0.1mph. They didn’t seem impressed when I overtook them going uphill.


Feck, what have you been eating?


Beetle or Beemer ?


Beemer. Beetle would be upside down in a ditch.


Alternate approach.




Probably a misspelling of WINE.


Awesome snowball fights with the kids yesterday afternoon :+1:


an alternative to a sledge


End of Days have arrived in Oxfordshire.


I do hope not. It’s bin day here tomorrow and I’ve just put ours out.