Haha, Kloppos gone fucking spare at Lovren.


Still time for the inevitable Salah equaliser.


I had 2-1 time Man U then changed it to 2-2 just before the game!!!


Good defensive effort shutting out Liverpool’s front 3. They did sit worryingly deep second half but job done.


Same old, same old.

So much for the Fab Three - barely had a meaningful kick.


I backed United at 9/4 and also backed them to win to nil at 6/1 - stupid Eric Bailly.:rage:


Lovren continues to impress on everyone why he has no place in a Liverpool team.


You should be flogged until you’re cured :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


How many saves did De Gears make?


Not many. I don’t think they had a shot on target in the 2nd half.


We had them under pressure for large parts of the game but they defended well.

We, otoh didn’t defend well when needed and they took their chances, So, (unusually) i’m not complaining.


Maureen’s tactics were spot on, nine behind the ball and occasionally ten. Liverpool were suffocated even though they had the vast majority of possession, closed down again and again and didn’t score.
So hands up, United played the game well and tactically deserved the win.
( fucking M62 EastEnders :rage:) but I’m not bitter or upset :cry::sob::cry::sob::cry::sob:


Lovren was nearly as bad as against Spurs at Wembley and with Rashford having AA on toast is was a disaster.

It was a sad reminder of our form from last season - loads of possession but no idea how to break down a well organised defence and actually create a clear chance.

Just pray to God we don’t get drawn against them in the the Champions League (assuming they beat Sevilla)…


Out of the teams through,i’d say Man city maybe the best draw so far.


I’ll still ban any manc who gloats though :stuck_out_tongue:


Hull v Norwich,4 penalties so far


Is that a follow up to London 0 - Hull 4


I hope not. That was a dreadful record.

Meanwhile WBA have gone 2-1 down, and look doomed :rofl::joy::rofl: and Everton are 1-0 up against Brighton which should see us safe for the season in which case the players should down tools and ensure the sack for BFS.


Think the other 2 will come from Stoke,west ham and Southampton.

Palace will be ok i reckon.


Mark Noble has just tackled a pitch invader at WHU. They have disintegrated. Southampton are pish too.