And pass the butt plug. This second half is scary.


Mané’s been our best player by a mile.


No doubt Roma are being hampered by playing Manolas and Nainggolan who are clearly Tolkien elves and dwarfs and not footballers.


Fucken’ hell ref. What was that?



Not in a million years.

That was all a bit odd. Liverpool looked like they were content to coast.


6_7 I’m happy.


Said like a true blue.



Despite two dubious penalties and an unfortunate rebound own goal.


I didn’t watch those games but I can’t for the life of me understand how Roma managed to get past Barcelona. Over these two legs against Liverpool they’ve been dreadful. Liverpool fully deserved to go through but what Roma were even doing at this stage is anyone’s guess.


I thought Roma were good tonight. They really went for it. That’s the first goals they’ve conceded at home in the CL.


That’s surprising, they looked really shaky at the back.


Thought this was a nice touch…


Hendo sorted that one out.


They played well in spells but didn’t have the look of going through just a good performance for the fans. Open game at 20 mins everyone wants that


Never in doubt.:smile:

Dreadful defensive performance really and a very poor Roma side could have scored 8 or 9.

Karius, TAA and Lovren were shocking.


Will be interesting to see Klopps tactics against RM


Klopp doesn’t do tactics.

Hopefully we can get a draw against Chelsea on Sunday and secure a top 4 place and then rest the fab 3 for the final.

Our right hand side is just so vulnerable with TAA and Lovren. Marcelo will have a field day.


TAA is a kid who shines sometimes but looks lost sometimes.

You can have a good game, but you can’t afford a bad game at this level.


This ^. Managed to do the Likely Lads thing and now I’ve just watched the ‘highlights’ on ITV. Actually, maybe not shocking, but really pretty shaky. Fortunately Roma were worse. The OG was pure luck. The pen was very debateable. Best moment was when the post-match interviewer suggested to van Dijk that Liverpool were lucky with an iffy off-side in their favour and another possible pen. His straight-faced response was “Who cares ?”. End of.



You can’t draw many conclusions from tonight.

Apart from the final is almost pot luck.

On any given day either side could win. Each side has enough talent to blow the other away.

Who will get the cup comes down to which team have a good day / bad day.

So… more :face_vomiting: to suffer. Hopefully :balloon: