I respectfully disagree.

The only way Liverpol will win the final is they’re full throttle for the 90. There were holes everywhere. Like, EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter that Roma were equally bobbins, or that RM conceeded 19 shots against BM, or this is the season of no-defence: Liverpool were shocking at the back

I really like him and wish him nothing but the best, but unless TAA spends three weeks intensive bootcamp with Paolo Maldini. he’s gonna get horribly gaped by Marcelo and Ronaldo.

Still, well done Liverpool


Trent is young and therefore there will be inconsistency. He was magnificent against City, and probably man of the match in one of the games.

If Marcelo is at that end of the pitch then nobody is looking after Salah at the other end.

Buckle up, bitches.


If RM have watched the games where Liverpool have struggled this season I suspect they’ll just sit back & wait for the right opportunities to arise. They might also have noticed how frequently Liverpool seem to concede late goals. (running out of steam?) But even RM don’t seem to be at the levels they were at perhaps a couple of years ago (begging the question, who actually has been outstanding in the CL this season?) so Liverpool have every chance in Kiev provided the occasion doesn’t get to their less experienced players.


I’m surprised Madrid aren’t much stronger favourites - they are odds against to win it in 90 minute.

It will really be some pressure if we have to win to get back in the CL next season which is still a possibility.


If Liverpool win it & finish in the top 4 does it mean that 5th gets a spot? If Arsenal happened to win the EL what effect does that have on the places for English teams? Utd won last year from outside the top 4 so we had 5 places but if Liv & Arsenal were both to win?


If Liverpool win and obtain a top four finish does that mean 5th place qualifies?


Still not quite clear but at most, only 5 teams from England can be in the CL.

There are the following scenarios.

Lverpool finish in top 4 & don’t win CL -> top 4 qualify (+ Arsenal if they win EL)
Liverpool finish in top 4 & do win CL -> not sure
Liverpool don’t finish in top 4 & don’t win CL -> top 4 qualify (+ Arsenal if they win EL)
Liverpool don’t finish in top 4 but do win CL -> top 4 + Liverpool qualify (+ Arsenal if they win EL which would remove 4th placed team)


When Liverpool won the CL last time they finished fifth they then changed the rule so that winners automatically qualified. Everton who finished in forth place lost out on qualification.


Basically, if Liverpool win the CL and finish 5th and Arsenal win the Europa, then 4th placed in the PL will lose their spot in next year’s CL.


That scenario would be hilarious - Spurs or Chelsea would be seething.:rofl:


Yep. There is a cap on teams.
And the cup winner trump the league spots.


There’s an argument for starting with Clyne ahead of TAA in the final. Hopefully Can will be back to provide some midfield cover for the bench.


Wow, can you imagine the butt hurt that’ll come from that scenario ?? Awesome !!



That was a lot of words to say nothing :joy:


Isn’t that the Guardians M.O


Arsenal’s defence + DiegoCosta = Game over by the looks of it as they’ve been poor in attack.


Don’t ever change, Diego. :blush:


Arsenal have had enough chances,but are toothless in the last 1/3rd


Too many mistakes in the final quarter.