When all said and done, Wenger’s had a diabolical record in Europe.


Utter dross, thanks for the legacy and your self-delusion, Arsene…


I was expecting AM to break and score every time Arsenal got the ball into the attacking third of the pitch. Their defence is woeful, and midfield useless at providing cover. They have decent forwards but can’t provide service to them. How many times did Monreal butcher relatively simple opportunities to cross the ball?

Expecting a clearout at Arsenal than will make the contents of @browellm’s drains seem pitiful…


I would have Ramsey. He’s been terrible over these two legs but I would love to see him playing for Klopp.


Should of played Ozil


Makes Le Tissier look like the Duracell bunny.


If Lallana could get fit and stay fit I can’t see what Ramsey would add to Liverpool. I’d have thought your lot need a deep lying ball winner to shield the defence a bit more.


I rate Ramsey too. Might do well in a good team.

He’s in my team for the WC (nothing to do with drains!)


Isn’t he Welsh?


World Cup Fantasy team, probably.


Haha, yes.

Slight technical hitch :grinning:


He played like a world beater in the euros. Until he got injured and Wales form slipped.

He’s been crocked on and off since.


I find the logic for this move totally and utterly incomprehensible


Gerrard won’t be the first to be taken in by Ranger’s chairman, the mendacious Dave King. The convicted tax fraudster was characterised by a South African judge as a ‘glib and shameless liar’.


Possible champions league.
Big crowds.

Far worse places to earn your stripes. Plum job for him despite the issues. Big fish in a small pond. Small league. Beats slogging it weekly in the lower leagues? I suspect he has a good shopping list agreed too. You don’t get that draw in league two.

I’m just surprised he wants to manage so soon. I think he has big aspirations so it’s a good stepping stone.


There’s also talk that Liverpool might send some academy players up there for the experience.


No chance. They would need to win the league and then get through 4 qualifying games in which they would be mostly unseeded.

It will take them at least 5 years of sensible management at the club to rebuild from their present parlous position and challenge Celtic who are on a different planet in terms of financial strength.

The problem is they have shown no sign at all of being a well run football club. They’re a total shambles from top to bottom running at massive losses and being supported by soft loans from directors. Two directors jumped ship yesterday probably due to the Takeover Panel ‘cold shoulder’ closing in fast.

It’s a mystery to me why Gerrard would want to be associated with that mess.


Qualifying goes next year.

He wants the LFC job. He needs something for a few years and this is a no loss option?
The club implodes and he blames the management.
He gets them top, he wins.

He must have done some due diligence and seen something we can’t.


LOL, not for Scotland it doesn’t.


Thats the bit I don’t agree with. Anything other than a close-ish 2nd would be abject failure, Shirley? I’m sure Brendan would love to serve him his ass on a plate too.

The club seems absolutely riddled with dodgy deals, dodgy directors and charlatans. They make Ridsdale’s Leeds Utd look like a bunch of angels. With so many of the Liverpool mafia having Scottish connections, I’m amazed they haven’t warned him to stay well clear.

Finally, and perhaps related to the above, he’s always struck me as being as thick as mince. Mince rarely makes a good manager.