Struck …as mince


Peterborough’s Steve Evans sounds like the perfect fit for him.


I agree, of course he could be like quite a few footballers and be a fucking moron. :thinking:


Which Phil Collins number will they play when they come out instead of Simply the best?

A: Another day in paradise
B: Against all odds
C: I don’t care anymore
D: I missed again
E: Land of confusion


Up here it’s known as Simply Depressed :four_leaf_clover:


He’s looking a bit anxious already.



Brighton deserving of their lead at the moment. Utd have spent most of this game still on the beach.


Pleased for Brighton, fully deserved & glad they are safe.


Surely that kind of abject performance should be totally unacceptable.

Dwight Yorke 100% right with his comments - that was unquestionably ‘a load of crap’

Do you genuinely not want Mourinho out?


He blamed it on Rashford and Martial-:confused:

It’s all going exactly by the Mourinho 3-season playbook. They should do themselves a favour and get rid of him this summer


For the koppites


Maybe he should have asked @htm_1968 ?


I doubt he wants to hear my views as I am one of the ‘small minority’* he refers that wants him out.

*nearly everybody who attends games other than Sammy Lee.

BFS really is a weapons-grade fucknugget.


Stoke gone :clown_face:. Palace safe :+1:


West Brom live to fight another day…amazing stuff


Bet Darren Moore can’t wait to be passed over for the job as they give it to the next journeyman manager.


Players certainly seem to want to play for Big Dave. Couldn’t fail to make an impact after Pardew.


The Swansea v Southampton game Tuesday is massive


Allardyce out, the balloon headed cock-end!!

The opportunity to really screw Southampton (and therefore Hughes) was spurned. Nice to troll the baggies though who thought they were down, now aren’t, but will be by next weekend.