Surely that kind of abject performance should be totally unacceptable.

that was unquestionably ‘a load of crap’

Do you genuinely not want Klopp out?


Engaging with Paul on football matters is ultimately a futile exercise.



At least I am consistent.:lying_face:




You secretly covet Mourinho seeking a safety first, defensively secure manager who also manages to troll fans of other clubs on a consistent basis. :smile:


Just watched the highlights of CHE LIV

Methinks all those ‘we don’t miss Coutinho’ comments’ ring a wee bit hollow

Somehow shackle the front 3 and there’s so little invention in the midfield it’s scary. I know you know, but still…


Oxlade Chamberlain was starting to do a decent job until he crocked himself.

Interesting to see Klopp criticising Salah, not only for the atrocious dive but also for his attitude when playing against former team mates.

Next weekend could be exciting if Spurs & Chelsea win their games this week. Brighton, without any relegation worries, will also be free to enjoy themselves.


Time to start cranking up the summer transfer bullshit. Rumours are we are signing Fekir from Lyon, which if true would be sensational. Him and Keita in midfield :ok_hand:


Hopefully irrelevant.


UEFA have confirmed something they already confirmed? How odd.


I wonder what they’d have done if Arsenal had won EL. Only top 3 I guess.


Yes, that was confirmed.


OK, this Fekir fella - where would (and Keita) he fit into the team ??


One replaces Can as bench warmer.


WBA gone. Southampton probably safe (feckin’ Hughes) and Swansea teetering on the brink. Big night…Swansea pay for their lack of goals or ambition


I expect Swansea to beat Stoke,think it’s all down to whether Huddersfield can nick a point off Chelsea or Arse


Keita is your box to box type a la Gerrard with extra red cards. Fekir is a bit more like a 10, but don’t imagine Coutinho.

And hush, Bob.




Big six managers over past two seasons
Manager Club Net spend Points Cost per point Major trophies
Pep Guardiola Manchester City £360.04m 175 £2.06m 2 (2017-18 Premier League & League Cup)
Jose Mourinho Manchester United £261.67m 147 £1.78m 2 (2016-17 League Cup & Europa League, in 2017-18 FA Cup final)
Arsene Wenger Arsenal £84.01m 135 £622,296 1 (2016-17 FA Cup)
Antonio Conte Chelsea £73.46m 163 £450,674 1 (2016-17 Premier League, in 2017-18 FA Cup final)
Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham £33.06m 160 £206,625 0
Jurgen Klopp Liverpool -£720,000 148 £0 0 (in 2017-18 Champions League final)

Pretty incredible minus spend for Liverpool.


Still no excuse for not winning things or getting a top 4 place.

Fortunately Huddersfield holding Chelsea in midweek means we should be ok for top 4.

Last year we were well top of the ‘Big 6 league table’ - not so this year, we must be near bottom of it along with Arsenal.
Throw in shocking results against relegated WBA, Stoke and Swansea and we are lucky Chelsea and Arsenal had shit seasons.
Only victory (unlikely imo) against Real will give us any reason to celebrate 2017-18.