Liverpool fans who reminisce fondly about past European triumphs always seem to forget how their team often played to achieve them. Cynical thuggery was frequently a part of it & the change to the rule allowing infinite back passes to the keeper also blunted the team’s ability to shamelessly waste time towards the end of games.

It sticks in the craw a bit to hear them now mithering on about how hard done by they were last weekend.

They’d made their predictably lively start but hadn’t made a breakthrough. There’s not much reason to suppose the outcome would have been hugely different had Salah stayed on. The pressing can’t usually be sustained for much longer than 30 minutes or so. I suspect RM would have slowly taken control. But doubtless for many Liverpool fans it’ll always be the ‘we wuz robbed’ narrative that persists rather than ever accepting they were beaten by a better team.


I’m no Liverpool fan, but they lost by two goals when their best player was taken off after about a quarter of the match and their keeper basically gave away two goals. I think they have every right to feel that they were unlucky that evening.


Hahaha, OK m9.

What’s the rest of your post got to do with Ken Early’s article, btw?


The full United fan repertoire :+1: A masterclass of tears. Are you trying to tell me that only Liverpool were allowed to do this, or you’re pissed off because United were never in a position to do it?


Part of the joy of being a football fan is utterly blind and unreasonable entitlement to success. If you follow a team for long enough you’ll have it and anyone who thinks that they don’t is in utter denial.

The more you win the worse it gets, no matter if it was last year, 20 years or over 100 years ago :wink:


Which is why as a Palace fan I have no illusions. Survival is all we aspire to.


Palace did really well this season. I was pleased for Hodgson. I think he got out of his depth trying to succeed with England but he made Palace look really dangerous & effective on many occasions this time around. Used the resources well.


Will probably be repeated on the history channel today as it is football 24/7 on there till the wc

Never realised how much stick Bobby Robson was getting in the build up to Italia 90


I’m no fan of Souness, but that tackle is nowhere near as bad a Jimmy Case’s tackle on Geoff Nulty in 1980. It was the first derby I went to and the sound the crowd made when tackle happened is with me still. For me, Case was the hardest and dirtiest of that Liverpool team.

Having said all that, the worst tackle I can recall was Gary Steven’s effort on Jim Beglin in a League Cup game. I think we lost the game 1-0 to Liverpool. Beglin was screaming in agony after the hit.

Awful way to finish a career for both players. Can’t say I really miss those sort of tackles these days.


Agreed, but we’re not going to raise a cup or league title any time soon. Mid table obscurity does me fine right now


Looks like Zidane could be about to do one.


He has done one.


Haha, fair fucks to the bloke. He’s literally had to do nothing and the minute some big decisions are coming up regarding key players, he’s bailed (Baled, hurr hurr)


He may also be of the view that anything he does now with Madrid can only be the same or worse.

It’ll be interesting to see where he goes next.


Three Chumps League wins on the spin, clearly assessed he’s got fuck all chance of adding a fourth, and so has quite rightly got the fuck out of there. Smart bloke.


Chel$ki still haven’t signed a new manager yet…hmmmm!


Roman will be very keen on getting such a big name.


I would imagine the phone line from Jerusalem will be busy


BFS waiting by the phone.


…and waiting…and waiting…and waiting…