Villa fooked if you read the press :slightly_frowning_face:

Highest wage bill in the Championship, expensive loans now gone back to parent clubs, expensive shit signings still on the books and unlikely to be offloaded, very few saleable assets on the playing side (Grealish/ Chester)…the list goes on.

6th most successful team in English football, and still the 10th best supported. What a fucking shambles.

Tax bill has been paid but that just reveals what a financial crisis the club is in. They gambled and lost.


Grealish should bring in decent money.


That is one from the David Davis school of negotiation. Villa are fucked, therefore they’ll find it very hard to realise top dollar for Grealish unless there is a bidding war for him. I don’t see City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea or Spurs being that bothered, so it’ll be tough to get the money.


What do you think will be top Dollar Olan?


I agree with Olan, Villa have a weak position as they need £40m to fill the FFP gap so he’ll have to go. Spurs are favourites but try getting top dollar from Levy.


Grealish maybe £20 - 25M tops, as the top 6 won’t bid.


Yeah that’s what I reckon too.


a) Levy wont pay anything like villa need.
b) We don’t want him


I think you are looking at 15M tops unless two or three sides get involved. I’m not sure who wants him to be honest. The young CB (Chester??) is probably just as marketable in many ways.


I think £20m possible £28m. Everton?


Don’t see Everton being interested. I think they already have too many central midfielders. I’ll be pleased if they keep the young players (Lookman etc) sign a CB, a LB to understudy Baines and a decent striker. Rooney, Claasen, Schneiderlin etc can all do one.

Meanwhile, Villa have agreed and installment plan with HMRC (:slightly_smiling_face:) and say they want £30M for Grealish :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


What do you expect ? Theyre bound to start high surely - David Davis isn’t conducting our transfer affairs (but some fucking numpty certainly has been :frowning: )


Why? Siggy is their only creative mid (assuming Claessen leaves) and he’s out for about 4 years with knack. I’d be surprised if they weren’t bidding, tbh


Great goal by Rashford :heart_eyes:


Why didn’t Vardy hit that first time?



Disappointing evening for Vardy who’ll lend himself better to games where we don’t have all the possession. I wish Jose would give Rashford the freedom to play like this a little more often. Generally a decent effort albeit against a limited side.


I would hope that they will play some of their own youngsters e.g. Kieran Dowell, Davis, Lookman, Vlasic and obviously Calvert-Lewin and Onyekuru. The lack of cover for, and need to replace, an aging defence (Williams should be phased out completely) and a quality striker are the real requirements.


This lad’s gonna do all the things next season.


Are your lot going to play him in goal then? :slightly_smiling_face: