It would be a sound option.


Looks useful. Will be interesting to see whether he can be as effective in the PL.



More on the Grealish saga from The Grauniad’s Rumour Mill:

Down-on-their-luck Aston Villa are facing up to the reality that they will have to accept reasonable offers for their best players. Soon it may dawn on them that their definition of reasonable needs to be downsized. And that unreasonable offers must also be considered. And that’s when Daniel Levy is expected to pounce. Tottenham Hotspur reckon Jack Grealish could be worth a punt, and while Villa are gabbling about £40m, Tottenham are thinking of offering about a fifth of that amount along with a pat on the head and/or a boot up the hole.

I can see Spurs being interested at ~ £10-12M.


Haha, that must be Glendinning.


It is Paul Doyle. I find his control of Irish aphorisms curiously comforting. :grin:


It does rub off. The Liverpool forum I occasionally visit is full of Irish lads.


Speaking as a Blue, I found the appearance of ‘Irish lads’ at the end of that sentence surprising. There are all sorts of other words that would be far more appropriate.



Speaking of blues , we’ve just signed a 23 year old Conor Grant from Everton. Was he highly thought of as some on our forum seem to suggest ? Obviously he’s not premier league standard but I’m hoping he’ll be a good signing for us.


Speaking of Blues we have signed bugger all!


Maybe some money will be available after Hazard, Willian & Courtois go after the world cup?

And you’ve hired Wenger :grinning:



Kin ell - next thing you’ll know is they’ll be paid as much as plumbers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They’ll all be off on Far East / American tours


Kenny Dalglish knighted.


Hopefully he won’t go over the top about it

Old habits die hard


Merry Christmas the war is over


Britain’s richest man (£20 billion plus) makes a bid to buy Chelsea but Roman turns him down.


Shame they can have a rest of the team of not going players


It’d be fun to see a team like that given a wild card place but I can’t imagine any of their respective clubs being too happy about it.