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Try again then.

Please can you outlet me from 17 edit strikes and out, specifically in ‘voice hearing’.

I’m not good at typing, and probably just have to re-edit/spell much,

But think one should keep going in what you start.


Not following you on this one, is there a limit the forum software is imposing or something?


17 strikes and out is the limit, repeatedly told.

Cannot go back for ?24 hours.


The correct answer here is pardon?


Begging it. :slight_smile:


Only have to wait ten hours now.


Dearest Mods,

Enquire why still lacking josh on the tagline?
[As are some other regulars]

Do you think we come here not for the insultment?
Half blind, half deaf is about spot on.
Human crosswords was fairly good.

I like improvisation.



Just made a small donation.


Yup. Made more sense than the previous post.


Thank you.

Sometimes slap into own face helps.

Though how to skip to around 2:45 baffles me.

Left hand slap. Astonishing borh-hand expertise. Plays percussion line too!.


Chumpy’s Duller Cousin

Did she like cider inside her?


Only Dickens.


After tasting the meat pies, Samantha said she liked Mr Dewhurst’s beef in ale; although she preferred his tongue in cider.


My favourite Sam Beckett joke -

Why did barmaid champagne? Stout porter bitter.




Topped up subs. These forum improvements won’t have come cheap :smiling_imp:



Golly it’s a long time since I’ve contributed.

Sorry about that.



Thank you for your honesty.

Enjoy your ban.