Forum Funding


I might cancel my standing order unless they change the landing page back :grinning:


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone that has been making a regular payment through Paypal, it’s been great.

I’ve just done a quick review and at the moment, the amounts coming in are covering just over half the monthly hosting bill. If anyone else can chip in, that would be great:

The company name that comes up will be The Computer Tailor; it’s my old company and rolling a Paypal account back to being a personal one is a right pain.










:+1: :beer:












Sent some dosh and I will forget all about it until you shout next time.
How do you set up the monthly thing?
PM me if there is anything you don’t want on public show, Swiss bank Account number, that sort of thing.


There should be an option when you click on that paypal link to set the amount as a recurring payment (think it’s the second screen)


Can you up the payment in the same way?


Not sure; not actually tried to do it myself!


Can we just check you’re not gonna delete the whole thing again straight after I press ‘send money ‘?


Or how much would it cost to do exactly that. Or just some members.


Now that’s a good fundraising idea, have an auction and the winner gets to permanently ban any member of their choice.


I sent you a lump sum. I tried to do a monthly thing but honestly the option just never came up. Do sing out if funds get short again.