Forum Funding


Id settle for changing peoples tag lines.


This. Very much this.

Not this. I think everyone is just wonderful. Marvelous in fact. Even the dealers. Honestly.






Made a one off payment. Shout out when you need a top up.


I’ve just done a relatively substantial update this afternoon; shouldn’t be any requirement to actually log into the server for a good 6-12 months.


Payment sent Jon :+1:


@TMC just checked paypal and I haven’t seen the monthly payment go out for a while, have you changed your details?


I get an email every month from PayPal to tell me I have transferred the cash.


In which case paid you a sub to tide you over until the next log in :slightly_smiling_face:


No; I think a few stopped after there wasn’t money in the sender’s paypal balance and no backup payment. Not 100% sure on that though!


Me too


Payment made, please let me know if not enough as I love this place…nearly as PC as Oxfam.


Don’t know what has happened, looks like it stopped in November and paypal no longer allows recurring payments for non business accounts.

Can you send me a recurring payment request?


Small contribution made :+1:


Bunged a few bob in the kitty. Which I understand is quite acceptable round these parts.


donation sent




If you don’t have an option for recurring payments you may need to go into your Paypal settings and check the box for your funding source to be used as a recurring source.


funding source takes me to the new paypal and doesn’t have the option to approve for recurring (there is no recurring payments in the new page) but if I go to the history and click on the name recurring it goes to the old style page and says my bank acc,debit and credit cards are approved, weirdly it shows as cancelled though.

Fucking paypal gets right on my thruppenies sometimes