Forum Funding


That happened to me a few months back, and for the reasons Jon mentioned above. Once you fix that it should be OK.


they’re already set to use all my cards etc and have been for donkeys years


How much is the cocaine-and-midget… er… hosting bill - if we know what’s needed we can make sure you’re getting enough, otherwise we’re pissing into the wind a bit :+1:


Is it not time to just set an amount, either monthly or annually? Then we can all pay the same :thinking:


Each according to his ability, each according to his need, comrade.


I’ve sent a bit via PayPal Micky


My need is large my ability is questionable.


At the moment it runs to about £50 per month in total; and there’s currently about £30 / month coming in in regular payments.

We may be about to run into a space issue on the server, so I need to do a bit of investigation about whether there’s cleanup stuff to be done or whether we need to upgrade the hosting. It’s too early in the morning for me to do it right now!


How much extra will the next level of hosting going be?


Option 3:


I’d have to log in and check; depends on whether there’s an option to just increase disk space or whether we’ll need to upgrade everything to the next package up. It’s certainly seems fast enough to me to not require upgrades to CPU / RAM but I might just run a quick poll to make sure everyone’s getting a solid experience.


I have tried and tried to increase my regular payment, or even set up an additional payment but I’m buggered if I can see how to do it.
I am frankly shocked that with all the members here, that £50 per month can’t be raised, come on let the moths out :roll_eyes:

  **Tiered membership packages should be considered.**
  • Basic Cunt £4 per month: Includes - weekly email stating you are a cunt from the management

  • Middle of the road cunt £5 per month - Includes weekly email confirming you are a cunt from the management with an exclusive backing track from Chris Rea

  • Schumann Cunt: £7.50 Per Month - Includes personalized visitation to your work place from moderators with a loud hailer screaming cunt at your colleagues

  • Retired Gripper Rod: £10 Per Month Includes exclusive access to ‘The Volvo room’ and a signed cable lifter from Chris Rea.




Yeah, that’s actually incredible / terrible.


For me running the forum, it’s easier just to have everyone on small monthly payments, but some people prefer to make a lump sum contribution every so often instead.


I logged in and it seems PayPal have thoroughly fucked with the whole interface. Damned if I can find it either. I can “manage” existing regular payments, but that really only means cancelling. There’s no option to adjust the amount.


Couldn’t find a way of setting up regular payments. So, lump sum incoming.


Done recurring payment:+1:


How the fuck did you manage that?