Forum Funding


Used the link posted earlier in the thread


Thanks, done!




Link works perfectly. Just done it. If we all donate £1 on a monthly basis, it should be sorted.


There is no tier for £1


I have just done it. It allows you to choose any amount.




Just donated as well.


I reckon the entertainment value from the cunts on here is worth far more than one pound a month…

my bruv @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi is worth at least a squid on his own…

and that cunt @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion is fucking priceless :joy:


He’s fucking expensive is what he is. You should see the legal bills I’ve had to pay to deal with all the libel claims and charges under the Obscene Publications Act.



@Jim - you’ve misspelled “worthless” :+1:


done as well


Just set up recurring payment too :+1:


Two bob sent


Payment set up. :grin:


Same for me


I’ll get something sorted out presently.


Apologies for being a bit slack,having a bit of a rough ride at present.
Will send some funds as soon as poss.


Right, monthly payment also added. Don’t fuck it up fat crayons for fingers.


I quite like the idea of deleting the forum every 3 months.