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Good way of getting rid of the 37 different aliases Rocky left since the last great deletion. I wonder if he would realise that they had gone?


It wouldn’t matter, he would have no idea what the passwords were


I like the idea of going off grid and communicating via Reels that can be posted from member to member

…On the other hand I like the idea of a YouTube channel that could be monetized - The Mince pie Thread in glorious technicolor footage would have been more of a disease than a virus but I’m completely at peace with this.


I think torching the forum every 12 weeks is a good way to keep the feds off our trail.


Yes,AA needs it’s own channel with awful tips on everything.


Up until only a couple of years I had a mate who dismissed all technology and insisted on writing letters to me.


An AA YouTube channel would be a lot of fun!


We could revive the handbag thread for the three months of the year that mince pies weren’t available.


I’m quite happy to host the "how to keep your lawn in shape"section.


The “grated cheese for spicy rice review” programmes would be epic.


Written on vellum with a quill? Were they delivered by a man on a horse?

If none of the above apply, he is no Luddite in my eyes.


Sent a single payment as a annual subscription hope that helps.


No, but he made his own shoes. True.




The Mr MWS “Fantasies of the head garden” show on a Wednesday could be a winner


Bollocks. You beat me to it. I clearly need to get my skates on.


You’ve got no sole young man.

(we’ll get in bother for this :joy:)


Heal still be fasterer


Of course he would, they would all have the same password, the one he uses for email, banking, ebay etc :grinning:


Heel surely. I’m not sure how long this current run of shoe-themed puns can last (:exploding_head:).