Gigs I'm going to. The Gyroscope diaries

Looks ace.

Very loud?

Yes but.

My first outing with “party plugs” (not some weird sex code, £10 ear plugs from Boots).

I remain unconvinced.

Yes they seriously cut the sound pressure levels, however they kill the top end completely.

OTOH given how sensitive my hearing is at the moment I don’t think I’d have lasted 10 minutes without them.

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Our FOL x 2 saw them at Krankenhaus 2022, one impressed, the other, not so. Reports of proper trouser-flapping bass and possible rearrangement of internal organs :grin:

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Roisin at Ally Pally. Just superb.

Not much point in photos because it’s a bit of a barn.

Abominable weather on the way back :laughing:

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but here’s an attempt anyway


Her band are a bit good

Any idea what they were filming for?
Or was it streamed live?

Sorry, no.

I assumed for a future broadcast of “Roisin love at …”.

On Twitter she said that it was her biggest show ever (presumably excluding festivals) so I guess it’s kind of logical to record it.

Thought she would have played to bigger than 10,000.

Only been to it once to see faithless. Personally wouldn’t want to see any artist in a bigger arena

Usher Hall 11th June


Barbican, two nights before :+1:

We used to live on Castle Terrace. Oh for the days when it was a 100 yard stroll back from a gig :cry:

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Should be great. I saw her, in Portishead, back in 2008 at the corn exchange. Was a brilliant gig, certainly doesn’t feel like 16 years ago!

I like Usher Hall but Edinburgh is a bit of a pain for us to get home from and now hotel prices there are on par with London. Best part of £200 a night for a shitty Travelodge.

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Google tells me that the last time we saw Portishead was at Ally Pally in 2011, along with PJ.

The only two gigs I can remember from the Usher Hall are the Waterboys (with Aimee Mann supporting) and Cocteau Twins.

Pretty certain I’m showing my age now :laughing:

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Yeah they certainly didn’t tour often, I had to check songkick for the year. Been to Usher Hall many times, it’s a good venue. It was a lot easier to get back from when I stayed in the centre of Glasgow. 45m to Queen Street then a 10min walk home.
Saw Thom Yorke there a couple of times, The National, Philip Glass and numerous others over the years. They can remove the seats from the stalls to create a standing area. Beth G is all seated.

Tonight with @coco


This was very good.


Rhiannon Giddens + band were amazing.
Only Birmingham,Glasgow and Dublin left on this tour
Go if you can. Tours are rare.


That gb news “journalist” who got offended by his show was probably the best advert to go and see him.

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I stayed in a Travelodge in Manchester a couple of weeks ago when I went to see Ashley McBryde , it cost £36. I had a look for a Saturday in July to see Waxahatchee, they’re asking £133 :astonished:, a more expensive train to Leeds will be offset by a much cheaper hotel.

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My commiserations