Golf (aka, how to dress like a nonce)


That is an amazing win,
First time he has won in the USA and it is the US Open!


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I don’t know how they manage to hold the club at times like that.

Turned it on to just miss it.

Superb win.

Fitzpatrick is the first player since Jack Nicklaus to win the US Amateur chamionship and the US Open on the same course.
A very small club!

Why is his face so white? I know golfers have stupid white foreheads…
But he looks like he is wearing a mask.

Sunshine in Sheffield is a rare occurrence

It’s got the rest of his head. Very strange look.

He isn’t white compared to Zalatoris! (who is almost blue)
They also spend their life wearing caps

and smothered in sunscreen…I guess :thinking:

As a Strayan, apart from the hole placements (which are fucking horrendous), I am confident that I could play The Open track (in these conditions) and post a sensible score.

haha fuck off, you’d lose 9 balls in the first 3 holes

Yeah, probably. But I can still dream :grin:

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Sensible = arbitery :+1:

In my dreams I chip in for consecutive eagles like Shane Lowry did today!


In my dreams, golf is banned, except on prison planets as a punishment for the most serious offences. :rofl:

You know it is St, Andrews when the commentator says

The pin today is 85yds from the front of the green :flushed:


Looks like Cameron Smith is channeling your inner mullet!

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Strayans are just Southern Hemisphere rednecks.

Bubbling up to an exciting finish!

Play-off anyone?