Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)



Thanks Jim. :clown_face:


depends if you’ve signed the consent register


Depends if there are any witnesses.



Last night I lost my phone. Didn’t realise until I got to my hotel in Salford. I rang it more in hope than expectation and it was answered. “Yes I have your phone” said the man "I have just found it near the cab rank at Salford Crescent."
He handed it in at the ticket office and a quick cab ride later I was united with my phone.
I never got to meet the man who handed it in but a big thank you to Abdul, you are a star.

Having done my presentation I am now sitting on the 12.35 from Manchester to Euston and have been pleasantly surprised to find my cheap abvance single with reserved seat is in first class.

My laptop refuses to boot up so I am unable to do any work.

Today is a good day :grin:


Result :+1:


Good things that restore my faith in humanity.
How generous the members of all the HiFi forums are.
Giving kit away.
Lending kit for those who want to try it or can’t afford it.
Moving kit around the country to help us all have fun swapping boxes.
And posting what they listen to giving us new music to try.
Opening their houses to us and hosting bake off’s.


First time I’ve used Continental underfloor heating gear. They are based in Cornwall.

Unpacking the gear and… behold …

It’s only a pack of Cornish gingerbread biscuits :slight_smile:

What a lovely touch.


Agreed. Trolling a ginger buffoon with biscuits is genius level work. Particularly when the trollee thinks the troller is being nice.


You yellow teat. :slight_smile:


Luckily it wasn’t a ginsters pasty




A plumber arrived on time and fixed a CH problem ( a motorised valve failure) we now have heating.


You must have bought some pegs and lucky heather in the past. :grinning:


Time to but that lottery ticket :+1:


Just discovered Spotify have made casting to a Chromecast Audio a non-Premium feature. I’m too tight to subscribe, and casting was always only available as a paid for Premium option, so it never worked for me.

I only tried it today because Ellie was casting to it the other day from her new phone. I assumed she had signed up for a free trial of Premium, or it had come with her phone, but she hadn’t and it didn’t, sooooo…

Doesn’t sound too bad through the stereo.


frank falla exhibition

Locked in a Nazi prison and suffering from pneumonia, in February 1945 journalist Frank Falla made a promise to himself: he would muster all his remaining strength to try to survive the sickness, beatings and starvation, hoping the advancing Allies would come to his rescue before it was too late.

Only his survival, he believed, would guarantee that the families of six of his fellow Channel Islanders would know how their husbands, fathers, and sons had died.

The “gentle” journalist, whose life story is told as part of a new exhibition at London’s Wiener Library, found himself in the brutal Naumburg prison for covertly sharing BBC news in his native Channel Island of Guernsey - British soil, occupied by Nazi Germany for five years.

Witnessing prisoners dying at a rate of 10 a week, Falla would cling on, surviving the bout of pneumonia to be liberated two months later by US forces, when a doctor told him he was just days from death.

He was lucky.


Spotify and chromecast is what I use. I do favour the chrome cast optical out in one of my DAC’s. but the native dac is not too bad.


the fact that this bird didn’t get killed and was ushered away by the rolling road block and some kind drivers.

I saw people trying to keep it off of the A1001 this morning - it was a beautiful swan