Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


They all belong to her. The Queen should carry the can for this one.


I went back with a cage in my car, hoping to lure it in - I really fancied a Swan Tikka Masala tonight.


Did you have a specific recipe in mind or were you going to wing it?


Oh no - not a round of avian puns. Enough to make you want to swan off.


I hate it wren that happens


blow me away with a feather, I hadn’t considered the recipe.


Feeling a bit peckish after reading that.


It’s quite similar to tarka curry except tarka’s ‘otter


Early doors down the local. Pub packed with the usual mix of families, builders and business types. Great atmosphere as always.

Jan and a few friends went outside for a smoke, followed by the biggest of the builders who stood for a while with a big grin on his face.

When he came over for a chat Jan said, “what you doing out here, you don’t smoke”.

“Nah, just wanted a really good fart and thought it would be a real smelly one, so came outside”

Respect :grinning:



at least the council saw common sense



Fucking bunch of pinko commies :rage::rage:


We played that game after crimbo dinner - I thought it was quite good :+1:


What, Fucking Bunch of Pinko Commies? :upside_down_face:


The cheque for $1000 was very welcome indeed, that’s another piss up paid for.


in london recently in marylebone and thoroughly enjoyed it there . don`t get down to london much these days and i got lost with my little printed google map . i was so impressed that a young arab lady came up to me to ask if i was ok and gave me directions , and while they were doing that another chap asked if i was ok . i thought that was absolutely marvellous


I’ve seen you roaming round Scalford Phil, looking lost and bewildered :sweat_smile: Lots of folk were offering you solace and a comfy seat in their abodes. You’ve mastered that look to get assistance you see. A natural. :smiley:


ah indeed , mind you anyone could get lost there it was such a maze !!!


I like Marylebone, nice pubs, restaurants of all sorts, quite a little community


yes i was very impressed , seemed a very nice little place . i noticed the service charge on one small flat was more than the magico a3 i went to see though !!!