Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Not sure where else to put this and totally forgot to do it at the time but a massive thank you to Pete ( cobbler ) for sending me some Atacama floor protectors and not wanting anything for them.


As some of you may remember, just before Xmas Narelle was made redundant from a job she loved. She became very depressed and it was a very difficult time for both of us. Much of our life was put on hold or very restricted.

Since then she has started her own business cleaning houses. As there are loads of middle class households around where we live, she has been able to pick and choose what and who she cleans for. All this business has come from word of mouth contacts due to her work ethic and attention to detail. Her prices are also competitive. None of the jobs are more than 3 miles away (which for a rural location is like next door). So far it’s gone really well.

Monday something changed. For the better.

The automotive company that laid her off after losing a huge contract contacted her out of the blue and offered her some work.
She was so well thought of, that as soon as new contracts were signed and the work started to come back in, she was first on the list.
So far it’s small onions but it’s “green shoots” and the projections are very good. The bonus is that they were very protective and didn’t actually cancel her contract. Which means her pension contributions and all benefits accrued continue where she left off.

The plan now is to continue cleaning for the time being and drop houses as the automotive workload picks up. Win-win !

We are having a little summat to celebrate.


Brilliant news Terry !



Great news! Give that man a cigar

and make it a Cohiba


I’m off for a couple of days come Friday. A Siglo IV and the pub beer garden beckons :smile:


Give that lady a cigar you mean?


Nice to read a bit of happiness.


Good stuff Terry, pleased for both of you.


Happy days Terry :+1:


Need to read previous posts, derp!


Nice one bruv, and once you’ve cleared your name with LU, the harmony of the universe will be restored :heart_eyes:


I might not be quite so grumpy. Or maybe not :thinking:


Great news Terry, and kudos to her old company for treating Narelle so well, fairly unusual behaviour these days.


Tough little bastard (ignore the fucked up BBC link description)


Thanks for all the messages of support. Narelle has a spring back in her step and back to planning holidays, which is a great sign.
I’m ignoring my work issues and taking her to lunch tomorrow.


Hoping that all works out for the best for both of you. Onwards…!


Above and beyond…


I think I have something in my eye




Chopping onions here…really strong ones.