Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Was banged up in hotel NHS last weekend so missed out on RSD. A very, very nice deed was done for me by a nice chap who provided this little lot this morning.

If only they were free :money_mouth_face:


Never knew about this…fine, brave people, the Islanders…


amazing to see on rich house poor house last night , the family paid off all the credit card debts of the family to get them out of debt trap . brilliant


There’s a program called rich house poor house?



The shit that people watch never ceases to amaze :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve all but given up TV. Six o’clock news when I remember is about it these days


Another example of Car Crash TV. Thank fuck I don’t watch much anymore.


Ours has been off all night.

We watch the occasional documentary and that’s about it. (Though i do subscribe to some youtube channels of interest which I can watch on the telly.)




I don’t work, and I’ve never heard of it. Daytime TV would melt my brain.


What brain? :zipper_mouth_face:


Can’t remember the last time we watched broadcast TV?


yes for a week a family from the top 10% of earners swaps with bottom 10% for a week . this family had a disposable income of 1200 quid a week to spend in a great big house they had to spend a week in a rented house on a weekly spend of 120 quid . its a real eyeopener as folks see how the other half live


Imagine thinking reality TV in any way represents reality.


That’s sounds fucking horrendous.

What use is that apart reminding some people they’re skint FFS


Keeps idiots amused. That’s pretty much the purpose of all “reality” TV.


It just appears to give the poorest a taste of what they’re missing out on. That’s fucking horrendous. The producers should be charged with psychological abuse.


Ignorance is bliss. Viva la lobotomy


So, this morning I gets a letter. Official like. Company headed paper an’ all. It reads…

Lost Property Item CM1???3

Something, something, something…
"After a full and exhaustive investigation, we find that the evidence and changes to security protocols led by you, proves that no further action is required. Thank you for your cooperation and patience…"

Blah, blah, blah.

So that’s that. Oh, my Area Manager sent me an email this morning to thank me for my cooperation and hoped that it wasn’t too stressful. He also stated that he wasn’t concerned. He knew it wasn’t me :roll_eyes:


Glad it is over, but they sound like arseholes…