Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Yep, pretty much.


Glad it’s finished and the outcome was the right one. :+1:


As the Romans knew very well, it’s cheaper & easier to entertain people than to feed, clothe & house them


I’m not sure that’s the responsibility of TV companies :thinking:


Very true.
However I’m fairly sure that the government is delighted that people are more worried about how much someone’s tasteless tat will fetch at auction (yes that’s a real TV programme - I’ve seen it) than about the fact that the country’s sliding inexorably down the toilet.


Cool. What are you going to spend it on?




Prog, makes your money go a lonnnnnnggggggggggggg way.


We had a knock at the door tonight to tell us a cat had been hit by a car and was in the road outside. I went outside to find 3 random strangers (2 in cars, 1 on foot) had stopped to help. Several phone calls to local emergency vets numbers later and he was whisked off in our cat carrier to the local vets by 2 of the random strangers.
Lovely looking long haired tabby, let’s hope that he gets fixed up ok.


Long overdue recognition for Sara Rowbotham


apparently a lady with a beat up vase was on there and it went to auction with a guide price of 120 quid and fetched over 80k . been in her garage for 11 years . if it was in good nick it could have been worth between 250-500 million !!!


Are you sure? That seems rather a lot…


yes , when i find the article will check but i read it twice


Just like on storage wars where they happen to find a priceless antique buried in a locker full of old clothes and tat :roll_eyes:


Serious bit of rescue/mountaineering. Brave man. What the people on the balcony were doing is beyond me though…


Good on him. Spider-Man is appropriate here.


going to see the president later , he deserves it



In the UK he would have been fined for not having done a risk assessment, not wearing appropriate PPE, damage to property, and the CPS would have considered a prosecution for child abduction.


and then deported.