Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


A glass of Viognier and an R&J Churchill (a birthday present from Narelle) sitting in the garden in the sun. Just lovely.


Marvellous. You probably can’t hear your stereo from there either so double plus. :+1:


Oi ! It’s perfectly audible and very nice the music is too :angry:


Has Narelle chosen it?


Yes :disappointed:




Bradley Lowery to lead England team out on Wednesday


Partly the news that CV are to play again is a good thing. The main good thing is that they are reforming to play The Devil’s Arse. More bands should do this.


Indeed. I only got to grade 4 on the devil’s arse. Chords are pretty tricky.


It seems that it is the Lithuania qualifiier that he’s going to appear at.

Bloody daily fail :rage:



Good on her. Can’t honestly think at 90 what the real point of treatment would be - to extend her life? Going and living it and making the most of the time left seems to be the right decision to me and would leave happier memories for her children.



Sausage sandwiches in bed. Drizzled with an HP jus.

I’ve lucked out this morning. I do smell a rat tho…


Is that a euphemism for a good felching!


Absolutely not!

After nigh on 18 years of marriage a sausage sandwich is, unfortunately, just as described. :slight_smile:


This smell of rat though…?


There were hushed conversations on phone yesterday to her ‘theatrical’ friend, which went strangely vocal about the weather when I entered the room.

Today… tea and sausage sandwich…tomorrow a trip to see aforementioned friend and all the bollox that goes with it.


Played! :grinning: A sudden and seriously debilitating bout of man-flu could be your friend. Change of seasons and all that…