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Predictions for tonight then.

Rams at the Saints:

If LA get their running game in top gear then they could batter their way to a win. However with home field advantage I can see the Saints having too much all round for them.

Saints win.

Patriots at the Chiefs:

Ugh, two teams I can’t stand. If this was being played at the Gillette then I’d say NE as it’s hard to bet against Belichick and Brady at home. This a great battle between the legend and the rising star QB, and one at home I think Mahoney could come out on top. The improving DF that @AmDismal mentioned is at Arrowhead where they will go after Brady.

Chief win.


I wonder if, in ten years, Mahomes will be even more admired than Brady is now. Already he is great at deception, throwing while under pressure and off balance, and his arm power is simply astonishing. It’s not impossible that he could be the best of all time.


I hate to say this but Brady has done it all and still capable of winning the SB. As tremendous a talent as Mahomes is, he will have to prove it year after year, and stay healthy and injury free. At the moment he’s just potential.

Put another way, come back when you’re still playing at the top at 40, and have 5 SB rings and 8 straight Conference finals under your belt.


The SuperBowl I want to see is the Chiefs vs the Rams but I think I will be watching the Patriots vs the Saints. Nobody goes to New Orleans and wins. The Patriots are peaking at just the right time.


I agree entirely, in some ways I hope that the Patriots win as it might being some realism into how people see Mahomes.


Well well


Wow! Great win for the Rams.


I didn’t think it was an outstanding game, but it was close, had all the tension and plenty of controversy at the end!


Ugh, I’ve got American adverts on this dodgy stream of the late game :face_vomiting:


Almost right, then.

Not that I’m picking on you, I chose the same!


Me when the Chiefs had that late interception negated by a holding penalty . . .



Well, that went well! Usually can’t go wrong backing the home teams but you have to give it to the travelling teams they both really turned up.

Well done to the Rams, coming through and from behind in such hostile conditions vs the Saints (that foul that never got called tho’)

As much as I hate to say it, NE did a great job too. I can’t stand NE, no actually its the English glory seeking fans that get on my wick to be fair, but you have to admire what they’ve done to get to the SB, again!

Tom Brady, what a QB, what a legend. Those on field play calls and switches. He is truly the GOAT.

And so who’s gonna in the big one then? A game too far for Belichick and Brady, or can they outwit the Rams the way they did the Chiefs who ran them pretty damn close.


Considering these were the four best attacking teams in the NFL there was a real shortage of amazing attacking plays. In some ways this was all a battle of the coaching staff; they had done so much work on the opposing teams they managed to find tactics to prevent any really flamboyant stuff. Only when the defences were really tired did the games open up. Many of the main season games were way more entertaining!

Both games were also quite low in penalties until late, when there were some real brain farts, and some entertaining refereeing. I think the standard of refereeing (and refereeing process) is generally very high in the NFL, but when a call can completely change a match they need to get closer to 100%.

But for this neutral viewer, both games going into overtime is really exciting. This season has really delivered.


Grudgingly admitted :slightly_smiling_face: That was just incredible to watch, the Chiefs had done a good job of taking away the passing game up the middle in the second half. But when Brady needed to drive the Pats downfield late, what did he do? Up the middle to Gronkowski and Edelman . . . he just knew exactly where their hands would be when he told them to run a pattern, and that’s where he put the ball. It’s not that the Chiefs didn’t have them covered, the delivery was so precise that unless the defender got a hand in trusty old Gronk and Edelman were going to snare it.


The non call in the Saints game satisfied my sense of schadenfreude quite nicely. After scoring on their first three drives, the Saints let the game slip away from them.
Real champs don’t blame the referees :pleading_face::crying_cat_face:



It was a terrible call, the officials apologised after the game, the result stands, move on.


I did like the BBC programme, where Jason Bell explained that the referee was probably watching the catcher’s feet to check for a complete pass. It’s a good point.


J Bell and Osi make that show, cos the coverage is minimal.


Saints supporters are cocks. NFLs equivalent to Azzurri fans.