Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


Nowhere near as bad as British Patriots fans :roll_eyes:. Funny, I don’t remember there being a single one in the 80s :thinking:


Just sitting down to watch last night’s NFL show on iPlayer.
In my head I am going back to the 80s when we had Superbowl nights, everyone took the Monday off work, we would descend on some one’s place, cook up a huge chilli, get the beers in and watch the game.

After the NFL dissappeared off UK TV I lost touch with it all but the BBC coverage over the last couple of seasons has got me back into it.

I have tomorrow off work and have a chilli on the go!

I will be supporting the Rams tonight because although I wasn’t a great supporter of them in the 80s I was in awe of Eric Dickerson. The Patriots weren’t much of a team in those days. Some of the people I enjoyed those times with are no longer with us so I will be thinking of them too.


In Oz we would also take the Monday off. Kickoff was around 6am. We’d be watching the build up and the game from 4am…down the pub :+1:


Me too, I think that the BBC coverage has been really entertaining. They do very well given the limited time they have to cover so much. Compare with the Sky coverage, which is completely devoid of personality. (Actually it reminds me of the first C4 presenter years ago who was a British ex-kicker, he was the opposite of engaging as well.)

I’m also helped by the amount that is on Sky Mix for free - I often watch Red Zone, there are extended highlights of about 3 matches a week and a few live games. It’s very good overall.


Too close to call tonight. Heart says Rams but head says Patriots by 3 points or even overtime.


I bought game pass so I could watch as many games as I had time to watch.

Same as Ian, would like Rams to win but head says Patriots always find a way to win.


Same for everyone in the whole world really :rofl:


Would anyone say that the Chiefs and Saints had the best players but these two had the best coaches?


Seeing as I’m still off sick, I’m going to try and make it through this game, but it’s unlikely because I find the constant, and interminable, interruptions to play really annoying. Shame, because if you only watch the highlights it looks like a really enjoyable sport.


Bit like Cricket?
At least they don’t go off the field for hours at a time!


Palestine! :wink:

At least they don’t pretend that cricket only takes 60 minutes to play, and then stretch it out for 4 hours.

Going by that logic, a test match would last a month.

Unless England are playing, obvs.


There is just 15 mins of actual play!


Who are those two butchering that song?


Dunno, but isn’t is traditional to massacre it?

Ooh, Gladys…


Couldn’t be a bigger contrast!


Most of the time is to allow for tactics. It’s a strategic game.


I actually know that, but it doesn’t stop it being annoying.


Tony Romo is Bruce Springsteens younger brother!


Lol, Brady’s first pass :rofl:


You could always make it a drinking game, neck a shot every time there is a two minute break in play