Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


The Rams have been great, but didn’t they end the season fairly slowly? Momentum is a thing.

I do wonder what the Eagles will do for QB if they get far. OK I know the answer, but would you really sell a QB who was demonstrably a winner?


Dallas have a great running game. If they can grind out some long drives and keep the Rams offence off the field they might win. Most pundits are picking the Rams by 7 points, if I were a betting man I’d take the Cowboys to cover that. Dallas will lose by a field goal.
Momentum is a yuuuuge thing, hence my gut feeling about Philadelphia.




Vegas agrees with you.


Saints, Colts, Cowboys and Patriots to progress.


The Colts are hot but I can’t see Mahomes going home yet.


I was very wrong on that. Very impressive wins for the Chiefs, the Rams and especially the Patriots.


Brilliant, Saints give Philly a 14 pt start in the first quarter and then shut them out for the next 3, scoring 20 :grinning:

Michael Thomas was outstanding at WR.

I’m backing Saints for the SB (so that’s them fucked now then), who’s everyone else backing? If you say Patriots then automatic you are cunt.


I think that it’s cool that the best four teams throughout the season have got here. Home advantage was massive this week and I reckon that this will continue. I don’t know who to call in a Chiefs - Saints Superbowl though.


I think that the two Championship games are too close to call. I’d like the Chiefs to win.


I think defence will be key and at the moment Saints have the best balance against the pass/ rush.

Chiefs will need a stellar game from their offensive weapons, and especially Mahomes, to beat the Saints. But he is that good though…


I honestly thought the Chargers would put up a better showing than that, but the Patriots did look really good. Philly looked for some time like they might pull off another miracle, but the Saints never panicked and Michael Thomas showed once again that he is one of the leagues most spectacular talents.
Still think Chiefs defeating the Rams for the Superbowl. If the AFC final is anything like the Chiefs-Patriots regular season meeting that is going to be something really special to watch.


The teams that have got through to this stage are the teams that have the best offence - they are the top four scoring teams.

You’re right that the Saints have the best defensive record of those remaining, but they don’t actually rank that high even so. These teams have all done well simply by scoring more points than they concede, not by conceding very few points.

I think that this will continue. I’ve now decided that the Chiefs will beat the Saints :slight_smile:


I think the Saints are probably the most balanced all round team left, debatable for sure. I do see your logic though about offences being on top this year. Its just that when you get to this stage that’s when the best answer to a red hot offence is the ability to shut them out the game.

Its been a great season though and you could make a case for any of the last 4 being capable of winning the SB on their day.

As a Raider though I cannot possibly endorse a Chefs win :zipper_mouth_face:


The Chiefs defense played their best game of the season. If they’ve got two more games like that in them, I can’t see anyone defeating them.


Mahomes vs Brady is going to be great, the new young talent vs a genuine legendary QB.


This logic is used in all sports, and I think it’s usually wrong. You win by winning, not by not losing, and I think that this is even more important at this stage. I read some statistical analysis on this a while back, and it does usually work.

But I think that we all agree that the next three games are all going to be fantastic. It’s been a great season, with four great teams.


Except in egg ball, a good defence is a positive weapon in terms of its impact on winning a game, not like parking the bus and hoping to nick a goal like in football.


Maybe, but Kansas defence seems to have done well in terms of TDs from interceptions and fumbles: http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/defense/sort/interceptionTouchdowns/seasontype/2


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