Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


There’s not enough booze on the planet…


Jesus, thank fuck it’s on the BBC, imagine the fucking adverts otherwise, at least you get some sort of analysis in the breaks.


They have “TV time outs” if there haven’t been enough breaks :rofl:


Is that what this “2 minute warning” break is? They were all ready to go, then they walked off the field, wtf?

Otherwise it’s not been too bad, in relative terms.


Nope, it’s an extra one if there haven’t been enough ad breaks. Really. There is always a two minute warning.


Best commercial so far! Well done A+ crossover ad.@budlight @GameofThrones #BudLight #ForTheThrone #SuperBowl #GameOfThronespic.twitter.com/9BlxJN7glS cc @TheRickWilson

— Jim Gill (@jimmygill) 4 February 2019

Nicely done


Stella did ok


I suppose the beer ads are better than the tragic half time turn…

They’re trying really hard to be diverse/inclusive too, I wonder why?:roll_eyes:


Tired and bored…


At last Goff makes a pass!


Bit late, but it looks like the Rams offence has turned up


Except it looks to me, as a complete novice, like their QB is a bit shit.


He’s no Tom Brady, but he’s not bad.

The issue here is that Bill Belicunt, Patriots coach, is a fucking genius.


game over


Nah, there’s 7 minutes on the clock, so at least half an hour to go yet.


Can’t see the Rams coming back.
Belichick is the master!


Interception, now it is definitely over!


Watch this (Highlights so only 16 minutes) and then see what you think.


Lol, I was 2 minutes short. 32 mins to play out 7 mins of time. Ridiculous.

Anyway, congrats to the Patriots.


Not the greatest of games to be fair. What a result for Brady & Bellichick though, love 'em or hate 'em, they are proper legends. To produce that level of continued success in a sport that drives for
parity of talent and competitiveness is quite extraordinary. Testament to coaching over just buying/ collecting talent like football stickers and expecting the best.

Edelman stood out for me, always fought hard to get open and gave Brady tons of easier passes to throw and first downs when he needed them.

Rams played decent on Defence but just couldn’t get their running game going and that was that.