Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


Score made it sound closer than it was, the Rams were never in that game. Not a great game to watch as a neutral, chili and loaded cornbread (bacon, jalapeno, spring onion, shredded gruyere) with butter whipped with honey was good though :zap:

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Ironically unAmerican?

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I didn’t stay up this year for a change as I had work to do first thing, and watched it back on gamepass. Glad I didn’t tbh.



I was really tired, but managed to stay awake throughout it all - not sure how!

It must have been so frustrating for Goff and the Rams. While their defence was obviously causing problems for the Patriots, that was nothing as to what the Pats’ defence was doing to the Rams.

I get that the amount of research that the defensive co-ordinators must do into their opposition is huge, but why weren’t the main season games like this? They have just as much time to prepare. The defences were so tight and imaginative.



Two of the best game strategists in the game at the moment, it was always likely to be a chess match.

Bellichick did a real job on nullifying the Rams running game and forcing Goff to throw the ball. As talented as Goff is, when its really tight it’s Brady who can use tiny margins to put a scoring drive together.



Yeah it’s just like the Corbyn-May 4D chess extravaganza

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Or maybe 0.4D




Yeah yeah. I can’t stand the Patriots (fans mainly) but you have to give credit where its due.

Although as a Raiders fan, or frankly as a fan of any other team, I think that the officials give Brady a lot of protection and calls his way…



I put it down to sorcery, I’m constantly scanning the Patriots roster looking for someone on the coaching/training staff with a name like Papa Legba or some such . . .



More likely to be on the Saints staff?

Its Bellichick, once he goes then hopefully normal service will be resumed.



Raiders have made a trade with Pittsburgh for Antonio Brown. Mixed feelings, without a doubt one of the best if not the best wide receiver in the NFL, but what will he do to the dressing room where his ‘personality’ can be divisive to say the least. Hmmm.



I guess they have faith in the QB then, who is far from a standout in the NFL. Maybe his problem was a lack of decent receivers rather than skill.

I do wonder if the main talent of the great coaches is in managing the personalities of the players, many of whom seem to be utter bell ends.

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Just how the fuck do you manage this fucking ego maniac? Narcissist doesn’t even begin to describe him…




Party at Russell’s place :dancer::man_dancing: