Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


Drunked up, argumentative audiophiles with a hickory club in close proximity . . . what could possibly go wrong :grinning:




Right up there in my top 10 films :+1:


Waaaarrrrioooorrrsss . . . come out and play-ay!!


I am sure this’ll be good news for someone (although another revenue stream of THFC can’t be bad)


That was part of the deal when they built the new stadium. There will be many more NFL games there in the future


yes I know.


Then I am a cunt for not knowing you knew :grin:


Good playoff game going on at the moment, with Pittsburgh trying to come back in the third against the Jaguars- very finely balanced.

Main event is later with Saints vs the Vikings which is too tight to call.


What a game. Last gasp Hail Mary. Mega fail by the defence. Madness.


Incredible finish - the Vikings were my team back in the 80’s so very pleased.


Yep super game. Great receiving from Diggs all game but what on Earth was the Saints defender doing with seconds left on the clock, all he had to do was step back and hit him once he’d caught the ball.


Maybe Jurgen Klopp is responsible for the Saints game management?:stuck_out_tongue:


Jaguars@Patriots live right now. Jags playing very well indeed…
(Famous last words!)


Watched that game on catch up so I could fast forward over bits. Excellent game, I wanted JAX to win but kinda knew New England would.

The other game looked interesting, the Eagles’ new old QB had a great game, dafuq?


Eagles offensive line gave the QB Foles the game of his life. They really are tough mothers.


The BBC has missed a truck with their scheduling though. I’m watching Saturday’s show on catch up, and it’s kinda silly watching stuff so out of date. Funny though!


Watch Tuesday’s show then :grinning:


Since the ‘Presidents Club’ saga the latest sexist totem to fall is the Walk on Girls in Darts.

What chance the NFL get rid of cheerleaders?