Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


I suspect Varsity (the company) is way too profitable to let that happen.


Or the mighty Palace



Who else is watching then?


Me. For the moment.


I may well turn it off as some newby talent show failure called Dunstan Timberland or summat is shouting at the camera :unamused:


Too much for me. I’m calling it a night.


Yeah Timberland was grim


Epic game! What the hell happened to defense!

If you’ve not seen it then go watch a 40 min highlight edit or the catch up show on BBC2 tomorrow evening.


Yeah amazing game in so many ways. It was the most yards made in any NFL game ever!


Great game that. Managed to watch most of the first half, but the thought of the HT show meant that I recorded the second half an avoided Justin’s vocal stylings.


Clock management killed the Pats, Brady just ran out of time.



Just as the new season starts, we have Kaepernick controversy.

I think that I should really salute Nike. They will have known how controversial their choice was. They will also have known how many African Americans might buy their trainers versus Trump-supporting rednecks, so their choice may have been entirely commercial rather than principled. However, they Just Did It. And it was a good thing.



Sometimes, I fucking love America


New season has started :slight_smile:

So Raiders get Chucky back as coach for $100m, and the first thing he does is trade the NFL’s best defender in Malick :man_facepalming:

Derek Carr had better get back to 2016 form rather than last year then.



Disappointing but not surprising start for the Raiders v the Rams. Started great, and used the offensive weapons of Marshawn Lynch and Jared Cook, only to then not exploit them 2nd half, and for Carr to go into chuck it to the opposition mode :man_facepalming: Gave away way too many penalties to the Rams who are a very good team and deserved the win.

NFL Gamepass is good for watching as many full games or highlights as you like, but the interface is a bit clunky for something that you pay good money for.


LOL, Buffalo is so shit . . .


Fuck sakes, Raiders lost at their arch enemies the Broncos last night :tired_face:

Watching it live last night and they just couldn’t defend in the 4th quarter and let the Broncos in with a winning field goal with less than 10 seconds to go. Bummer, gonna be a long season at this rate.