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49ers fan here . . . going to be a very long season after Garoppolo went down yesterday with a torn ACL :disappointed:
Every game I watched ended up with the underdogs winning; Buffalo beat Minnesota (what the actual fuck happened there), Seattle beat Dallas, and Detroit beat New England. Call me the fixer.


I’ve watched Raiders again dominate the first half but fail to rack the appropriate points, only to score next to nothing in the 4th qtr when it was there to win against a Dolphins defence which was on its last legs.

That’s tough after Garoppolo has started so well. No chance of resigning Kaepernick then? Rumours abound that he’s going to get picked up after the Nike boost has given owners confidence.


I was never convinced by Kaepernick, his game seemed to regress every season. I agree with the political stance he took, but I’d also rather not see the circus that would accompany his return.
I want to see how Miami looks against some stiffer competition, they’re undefeated so far but they’ve beat some not very good teams (Titans, Jets, Raiders).


I watched the full game and Miami looked nothing special - Raiders should have been out of sight, but for the third game running seemed to snatch defeat when victory looked easier.


The Raiders are still a couple of seasons away from being winners again.
It pains me as a San Francisco fan to put the words “Raiders” and “winners” in the same sentence . . . come to think of it, why am I even talking to you? :grinning:


I wouldn’t make the same mistake with the 49ers - what was it last season, lost the first nine games and finished 6-10?


That was thanks to Jimmy G though. It was awful to see his knee injury, especially as he has had such a promising start to his career.


November 1st, mark it on your calendar. When the Niners win you can go eat an all beef hotdog.


Hah hah, good luck with that :laughing:


The Niners win is a dead certain, so you must be referring to you eating the hotdog :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We’ll see. Looking forward to Lynch going beast-mode on the 49ers ass :smile:


Finally a win for the Raiders! Okay it was against Cleveland, and in OT but a win is a win.

Thanks to the 49ers getting edged by the Chargers, it means that both teams are 1-3 @Professor_Chaos


Oh well, the Chargers did the Raiders over too :man_facepalming:

Consolation - 49ers also lost and are 1-4 :wink:

Its easy to see why the Raiders traded Mack and brought in Gruden on a 10 year $100m contract…


I had a horrible feeling that a very strong Seahawks (wankers), we’re going to embarrass a very poor Raiders. And it’s coming true :confounded:


Haha, the Seahawaks were my team when the NFL was on C4 in the 80s. (And they didn’t win anything)
Good to see them doing well.






You weren’t so overcome with the tedium of spelling the other day were you? :wink:


Different when it’s the head of marking that makes the mistake :nerd_face: