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Raiders shone briefly before getting beat again to go 1-6. Despite Chucky saying all kinds of shit I reckon this season is tanked and they’ll be looking for picks for next season now.


Well Raiders are officially the worst performing team in the NFL this year after they even let the 49ers beat them :scream:




Raiders lose again :joy: Fuck me they’re shit this season. Gruden looking great value for that $100m contract…


Wow, if you only ever watch one game in your life, then you have to watch the Rams v Chiefs game from last week - what a game.

Both teams 9-1 going into the game, and boy do their offences go at each other!


Sky sports mix hd is great! Series link on, and you get hour-long highlights, including that match. Wasn’t it great?!?


first time in NFL history that a team scored more than 50 points and lost the game - amazing!


It wasn’t just offence either - the defences scored as well!


Yep, as much as the offences scored for fun, it was the Ram’s defence that proved to be the difference.


So many good teams this season, the playoffs will be interesting. Pittsburgh are way better than their record indicates, that come from behind against the Jaguars was impressive.


Raiders had a better game but were never going to outscore the Chiefs.

Think they’re certainly going to be in line for some good first draft picks next season.


Zomg Miami :heart_eyes:


Unbelievable last play from the Dolphins.


Astonishing wasn’t it? Commentator had totally given up on them!


Raiders win, at last! Even better, they came back to beat the old enemy the Steelers :kissing_closed_eyes: Carr looked great at last.

Still statistically the worst team in the NFL tho’. Still on for those draft picks Gruden.


Sorry are you talking about that American, padded up Rugby League shit-a-like?

It’s fucking woeful. only the shortest possible attention span can cope, it’s the ADHD of sport. 10 seconds of very mild activity then a 9 minute break so the cunts can advertise at you until you actually want to die.

Every time I’ve tried with it, I’ve become more and more enraged at the lack of anything approaching action and certainly nothing that would arrant all those stupid pads and helmets the cunts wear.


You’re in the wrong thread then :+1:


I know, that is at least 5 times too much exercise compared with golf.


Golf would be more exercise. Definitely.