Hand Egg Ball(ocks)


It’s very different from rugby. There is no flow to the action, it’s a series of set plays. However, each play is very strategic - there is misdirection, from both teams, and a lot of working together to make and exploit gaps.

Until you understand some of the underlying strategy then it’s probably rather dull. If you’re not willing to make any effort then it’ll stay that way.


I like both Rugby and American Football, I don’t see them as exclusive.


Me too, I really enjoy both games. I just said that they were different.


I don’t see them as exclusive, nor did I mention rugby.


I mentioned rugby, because I thought that a contrast with a sport that you know well might be helpful. I wish I’d just called you a cunt now :kissing_heart:


The Chiefs - Ravens game yesterday was a corker. Kansas City beating LA Rams in the Superbowl is my early prediction.





League isn’t rugby. :joy:


Looks like that could be the Super Bowl. I wonder whether Rams defence would prevail though.


Raiders doing their best to get first pick in the draft next year with another loss. Fingers crossed we can get someone in the draft like Nick Bosa.

Great punt return TD from 49ers yesterday @Professor_Chaos



Just watched the Raiders game from yesterday. What a great way to (sadly) leave the Oakland Coliseum, with a fantastic win over a hapless Denver (spit).

Magic 99 yd touchdown punt return too :smile:

Long live the Coliseum.


Right, I’m settled in the TV room for the night. Currently filled with leftover Xmas cheese and have a bottle of leftover wine.

Sky Sports Mix is surprisingly good for NFL.



Nope, does not compute :exploding_head:


Really looking forward to this weeks games, going to be hard to beat some of the drama from Wildcard weekend though.
As a neutral, Colts - Chiefs looks like the tastiest match of the bunch. Dallas is going to get hammered by the Rams. I really hope the Chargers beat the Pats, I’ve (like most football fans) had enough of New England. New Orleans are a very, very good team but there’s something about the way Philadelphia are playing right now. The look on the Bears players and fans faces at the end of last weeks game was priceless.
Chiefs, Chargers, Rams, and Eagles going through say I.


When I lived in Boston I followed the Patriots when they were getting thrashed by Buffalo Bills and OJ breaking all sorts of running records. They were called the Patsy’s then and Miami with Larry Zonka were unbeatable.


I can’t really see the Eagles winning again, they were very lucky last weekend, can that really last? Lovely how they iced the kicker, it’s great how that really works! Is it sport? Arguably not, but it’s very funny!


Csonka . … although he was nicknamed Zonk. That Miami side is still considered one of the strongest the NFL has ever seen, you’re lucky to have seen them play.
The Patriots really were hapless in those days, but they did have that cool Patriot in a three point stance helmet . . .


Eagles are peaking at the right time. Luck played a big part in the win over Chicago, but that late drive to take the lead was a thing of beauty. They’ve got that team of destiny look about them again.
I’d have thought people would have more trouble with my prediction of the Cowboys getting “hammered”. More a case of me wanting it to happen (fuck Dallas). The Rams will win that game, but it should be close.


Did I mention fuck the Dallas Cowboys?