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Niners defence winning them the game
Offence a bit turgid

The football and cricket has completely fucked up my NFL routine :scream:

You missed some great games yesterday.
Big news is Jimmy G out for the rest of the season
The Niners defence will always keep them in the game but someone has to score the points.

Eagles looked very good.

No idea what has happened to the Raiders, they have started winning a few games.

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Squashed one of the hottest teams in the league (Miami) by 16 points with the third string QB at the helm, so scoring wasn’t a problem. But yes, long term it’s not looking good.

Certainly did. Vikings also continue finding ways to win; solid team, they don’t beat themselves with miscues or mental letdowns.
Don’t know if you’ve seen any of the late game, but Dallas are very good. Indy kept up with them for 30 minutes, but the Cowboys turned it on in the second half and demolished them. Dallas defender Micah Parsons just may be the best player in the league regardless of position

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Two words - Davante Adams :ok_hand:

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How. The. Fuck. Did the Raiders blow that lead ?:rofl:

Just like they’ve blown every other lead they’ve ballsed up this season :man_facepalming:

I hadn’t even realised that the Rams had signed Baker Mayfield! What a drive by him in the last two minutes.

There were quite a few fouls that hit the Raiders hard, the officials for a few things wrong, but it’s hard to take it away from the Rams and Mayfield. It was remarkable.

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Amazing start for the Niners.
Great confidence booster for Purdey

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Niners announcingJimmy G may be back for the playoffs. If Purdy keeps playing the way he has, it will be a difficult decision for Shanahan which will be starter

Passes like that won’t do his case any harm!

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Top players surrounding him helps.

Absolutely but it is still a big deal to make your first start in the NFL for anyone.
A rookie QB playing against Brady is comic book stuff!

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LOL, nothing going Tampa’s way

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It’s nice that they keep cutting to his parents, who are basically in tears the whole time

Deebo will be a huge loss :pensive: Hope it isn’t as bad as that looked


Normally I go to bed at this point, but this is just too funny

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Wow, Tampa defence was very poor on that TD.
McCaffrey FTW

Are they gonna bring Purdy off to rest him and bring on their seventeenth QB for some experience?

This is getting morbid