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Sorry, for 49ers reasons all defeats of the Cowboys shall be celebrated with great merriment :partying_face:

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In the early 70’s they were known as “America’s Team” and were hated by the rest of the States.
They were, as I recall, were quite successful up until then but since not so much.

They still are, although the nickname only started in 1978 with their season highlight film

It was in common usage around Florida when GOAT team Miami Dolphins were at there peak coached by the great Don Shula and led by the legendary Larry Czonka

Miami is the UK’s favourite team.


Really tough to pick the winners this week. They should be two fantastic games between the best teams in each Conference. I said the Chiefs vs 49ers at the start of the playoffs but the Eagles look really good.

Bengals at Chiefs → Chiefs
49ers at Eagles → Eagles

I agree, but I want the Bengals to win.

I have to avoid this thread because I watch the games on Fridays :frowning:

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I often don’t watch live, but watch as live within a couple of days. So like you I have to avoid this thread for a few day. Anyway Chiefs and Niners for me.


49ers to beat boring Eagles.

Get my prediction in before the games start

Niners and Chiefs in the SB

Although I think the Niners@Eagles is the hardest to call and would have made a great SB as I think either team could beat the Chiefs



Bengals DF was great all game and then that fucking penalty at the end let the Chiefs out of jail :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

In the last few games there has only been 3 points between them, but there was an outburst of stupidity from ther Bengals. Having said that they should have won the game. I thought Mahomes did pretty well especially toward the end when he had no receivers, no Kelce, so that run he did carrying his injury was impressive and the Bengals D line were bossed by Chris Jones.

The Niners were desperately unlucky, as a commentator said “If I told you that Purdy would start and finish the game, throw no interceptions and the Niners would lose 31-7 you wouldn’t believe it”

At one point early in the first half the Niners had Purdey out Fred Warner off injured and Bosa was hobbling around To misquote Goldfinger, ‘to lose one QB is happenstance, to lose two is coincidence, 3 times it is enemy action’. The Eagles had their targets.

The above wasn’t aimed at you Wayne, I hit the wrong reply button again!

What a shame both games were so dominated by injuries.

Brock Purdy would have changed the game, sure, but the Eagles scored a lot of points against a great defence. I’m not convinced that a healthy Purdy would have changed the result. Still I’m sad that this game was so dominated by that injury.

The Chiefs were hugely handicapped by injuries in the offence, and scoring as well as they did was a superb result. The Bengals were battered by the Chiefs defensive line, who really stepped up when needed. But that 15 yard penalty on the Mahomes run - how does a player get over that? That rush of blood was the reason they scored the field goal and won the match. Poor guy.

Been another great season tbh.