Headphones - What's best for use with a tablet?

My old in ear headphones recently broke and I tried a cheap fix by buying a pair of Sony XB-450. Unfortunately I’m struggling with them as the vocals seem really recessed with them and bass was boomy and very annoying. They do go plenty loud enough on my tablet which is where they will generally used and mostly for movies.

Advice is needed - I don’t want to spend too much max £100 and wired type are preferred as I don’t need battery faff. I am obviously out of touch, what should I be looking at the bud type or would something open backed by Grado or Sennheiser work?


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I have two pairs of bluetooth headphones. The B&W PX are excellent but huge, and the Sony WF-1000XM3 are tiny but surprisingly good. Except they tend to fall out of my ears if I’m on the exercise bike.

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Apologies for the taxdodgers link - I’ve been using these for a good while on laptop duties etc and they are superb.


Well Kevin mentioned my Etymotics, which I dearly love and their isolation is fantastic, but these cost me £144 although I tend to use these more when listening to quieter classical pieces and the wife wants Corrie on, that isolation really helps with the quiet parts.

The other headphones I use for downstairs, and have managed to still be in one piece even with the grandkids using them on their tablets, is the Audio Technica AT-M40X. These are an easy drive and sound very well balanced, to my ears. You can get these for about £70 if you shop around. The only probelm is the long cable but £15 can buy a shorter cable. I have some much more expensive headphones than these but for everyday use these are really pretty decent.

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